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Winning the Tour de France = Winning in your business.

Winning the Tour de France = Winning in your business.

As some of you may know I really enjoy cycling – not only the activity but also the sport. So this year when deciding where to go on holiday we decided that we would love to go and see the tour de France

What a fantastic day – Now I do say day.. as although the riders fly past in split seconds you have to get there early in the day not only because they close the roads but also to make sure you can take in the full build up and carnival atmosphere that surrounds the event

First of all there’s the management team

Directuer sportif – The tactician the person who come up with the days tactics on how to win the race – Just like a Sales Director – They come up with strategies and tactic of getting new business for he company – If you they don’t have a clear sales strategy for the business then the business is unlikely to reach its goals

The Team Doctor – The people who look after the who look after the physical health of the team – just like the Finance Director – They know the cash flow of the company and the general health of the company.

The sports scientist – The people who put training routines and ensure the team sticks to the schedule – Just like the HR Director – They make sure that everyone is qualifies and trained to do their job

The Mentor / Sports coaches – The guiding hand of experience – preparing them for the road – Just like your own advisers (family, friends at networking or employ an outside coach – we all need a little helping hand and advice in business

Cadel Evans 2012 TDF

Then of course there’s the team

The ‎Domestiques – The vital part of the cycling team they are there to support and help the main riders – Just like PA’s Assistants – The staff who often go unrecognised but work furiously behind the scenes.

The Green Jersey – The Sprinter- The Sprinters cycling furiously towards the line to make sure they are the first across – Just like the company sales people – hungry to go out first win new business and achieve their goals

The Polka Dot Jersey – The king of the mountains – The tireless cyclist who climbs every mountain making sure he’s the winner – Just like the company marketing team – climbing the up hill battle to ensure that the company message is constantly out there to the ideal prospects and customers.

The White Jersey – The young rider – The youngest cyclist – Just like the apprentices bringing new ideals and energy into the company.

And finally the Maillot Jaune – The Yellow jersey – The winner, the leader the ultimate prize winner – just like the company director – working tirelessly to ensure the company wins!!

I hope you enjoy my tribute to Bradley Wiggins

My Tribute to Bradley Wiggins

I hope you enjoyed my Tour De France Tribute and if you would like further tips, sales & marketing tips hints and advise then

More next week …..

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