I need new leads for my business

I need new leads for my business

I need new leads for my business…

A simple and cost-effective way of getting more new leads leads leads for your business…. is to purchase a targeted list of your ideal customers.

Purchasing a targeted and accurate marketing list for your direct marketing campaign – whether that’s a mailing, telephone marketing or email campaign, will help you to generate more leads for your business – Creating a pipeline of ideal customers.

So how do you identify your ideal customers?

Here is a guideline for you to use that will help you to identify your ideal customers and enable your business to get more new business leads.

Look at your existing customers & be specific

Look to see if your customers come from the same industries, are they based in similar geographical locations, do they have a similar size or turnover?

Be specific – saying you can help any company in the UK isn’t specific enough – you need to get specific with your industry selections – this will help you to create more compelling sales material, showing you understand your prospect’s problems and how to solve them – allowing you to give industry specific case studies and testimonials.

Look at the job titles

You may speak to a number of contacts – you speak to / contact. If there isn’t a list of these specific job titles then consider outsourcing a telephone cleanse project, this way you know the list is targeted specifically at your ideal contact saving you time and money in the long.

Look at the order values & repeat buyers

You want to make sure the customers you are targeting are profitable & are likely to become repeat customers. Its good to build up strong relationships with people so they automatically think of you when needing your services

Look at time line from initial contact to purchase

You don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket and target all the companies that have a long lead time – Make sure you have a good mix of customers that may be able to purchase in the short term and then target the longer term clients – this way you will have a good mixture of prospects in your sales funnel.

Putting all this together helps you to understand and identify your best customers – It also helps you to create compelling marketing material that’s really relevant to your ideal customers.

So once you know your ideal customers what do you do then?

Joanne will provide you with a list of companies that are targeted specifically for your company.

Using this list of companies for mailing, telephone marketing or email you will be able to promote your products and services to the right person helping you to generate more new leads for your business.

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