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The benefits of a buying mailing lists.

The hardest part of email marketing is acquiring a good-quality mailing list. The challenge there is building up, or knowing where to start when buying mailing lists. Your mailing list needs up-to-date contacts that fit your target audience without falling foul of data protection. Building one from scratch is very time-consuming. Taking a shortcut via £PPC is expensive and unsustainable. So, you might want to consider buying a quality mailing list instead.

How can buying mailing lists help you to increase your customer base?

Some people wrongly believe that GDPR rendered the purchase of business contact lists defunct. But don’t worry, that’s a total myth – buying email marketing lists is perfectly legal and legitimate.

…buying an email marketing list is perfectly legal and legitimate… read more below

Not only is it legal, it has the potential to grow your business quickly. If you Are buying your contact lists from a reputable, CIM-accredited organisation, like Data Bubble, your business is much more likely to get a great return on your marketing investment.

According to OptinMonster, email marketing can have a 4400% ROI. That’s absolutely massive! If you aren’t using email marketing, that means you’re missing out on a lot of potential leads and conversions.

When you buy a contact list, make sure the records are GDPR compliant.

If you work with a reputable mailing list company, they can provide GDPR-compliant data that will comply with legal requirements for data. You can then be sure that you have purchased email lists that won’t harm your reputation.

Sadly, there are lots of businesses selling contact lists that you really cannot rely on. Out-of-date and non-compliant data is rife amongst the less scrupulous providers, so be sure to do your research before buying. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true!

So, what makes Data Bubble different? We ONLY supply GDPR-compliant contact lists. We have been in business since 2009, have come through Brexit, GDPR and COVID, and are STILL growing year after year where others have fallen by the wayside.

Only buy trusted lists of high-quality business-to-business data so that you can increase your lead generation.

Buying Mailing Lists

Killer subject lines that get emails opened!

Did you know that 47% of email recipients open an email based on the subject line alone?
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Data Bubble will help you make better use of your marketing lists

There are plenty of ways we can help with you marketing efforts. Whether with an email marketing campaign, telemarketing project or a direct mail campaign.

Talk to us about our targeted business data, and let us help with your project. Many services we can conduct in-house, plus we have a small, trusted panel of suppliers who support us with their areas of expertise. We’re ideally placed to help SMEs that don’t have a marketing department and can’t justify outsourcing their marketing to expensive agencies or an outside digital marketer.

We have a fantastic track record of successful marketing campaigns for our customers. Consider us a hands-off extension of your business, providing you with solutions to your growth headaches. We do the legwork, while you enjoy a steady stream of enquiries. Let us provide the lists to complement your social media and email marketing efforts.

Buying Mailing Lists
Buying Mailing Lists Uk

If you are looking for a contact list, Data Bubble can help. We also provide help in managing those lists.

Data Bubble is the UK’s leading independent provider of business data and consumer data. Joanne Clayton, Data Bubble’s “bubbly” founder, has developed her experience of data since the 1990’s, setting the company up in 2009.

With her knowledge, she has helped countless businesses in a variety of sectors — from education to manufacturing, technology to recruitment — to boost their revenue through a range of means such as email marketing. 

How can we help?

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If you want to find new customers through direct marketing, you need to buy the best contact lists.

Would you like more new customers? Do you want to increase your sales? If so, your campaign can only be effective if you buy email lists that have the right data in them.

It’s a false economy to leave the quality of the contact lists you buy to chance. That’s where Data Bubble helps. We provide clean, GDPR-compliant data that will help you to generate more leads and achieve more sales … quickly!

see also our Direct Mail services.

Buying Mailing Lists

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Buying Mailing Lists
Play Video about Buying Mailing Lists

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5 reasons why buying email lists for marketing is cost-effective:

Here’s the thing … you need to be compliant and maximise your return on investment. Mistakes can be costly both financially and reputationally, so good quality, accurate data is essential. Here’s why you need to buy a mailing list:

1. Saves Time – It’s quick, and you could have a mailing list of 5,000+ contacts within an hour or two, freeing up valuable selling time for your team

2. Good Lists are More Efficient – Your sales team need to use their time efficiently by building relationships, making sales calls and sending emails, rather than doing desktop research

3. Good Email Lists Increase Sales – Getting a mailing list that contains only your buyer persona ensures your team are concentrating on your ideal target market. According to research, 24% of companies gain more leads when they use a buyer persona

4. You Have Accurate Information – Data is kept up to date through various processes, including screening against certain industry files and conducting regular verification exercises. This means it’s more accurate than often out-of-date websites and directories, and often companies’ own databases!

5. You Can Target The Right Person – An email list contains the contact details for the person you’re targeting, so no more being passed around the company trying to find the right person.

And while you’re here, here’s 5 more benefits:

6. Reduce Waste – A mailing list eliminates irrelevant information such as holding companies, regional offices and branches. This allows your salespeople to get straight to the decision-maker

7. Very Targeted Lists – List owners will collect additional information when conducting telephone verification calls, such as number of employees, import/export info, type of fleet vehicles or star rating of hotels. This means buying data allows you to really target your ideal audience

8. Mailing List Compliance – Various regulations need to be adhered to when conducting marketing campaigns, such as GDPR, the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (“PECR”) and the Corporate Telephone Preference Service (“CTPS”). A good data broker such as Data Bubble will eliminate non-contactable, non-compliant business data records and only supply compliant lists, thus keeping your company’s reputation intact and your bank balance safe from potential fines

9. Protect your Team’s LinkedIn Profiles – LinkedIn is working hard to eliminate spammers from its site and will block profiles that are classed as spam. Using a mailing list will protect your team’s LI profile, allowing them to continue connecting with people they know

10. Protect your Company – Many directories include a clause in their Terms and Conditions that prohibits the use of their information for marketing purposes. As such, using directory information may be breaking the law, which could cost the company both financially and reputationally. Marketing lists exist specifically for marketing strategy purposes, so give you peace of mind when marketing

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Q1 – At what point does a contact on the mailing list become mine?

A – As soon as someone on the list gives you their permission (“opts in”) to continue with marketing calls/emails, or they become a customer by making a purchase from you, then they are deemed as being yours from the point they gave consent / made their purchase. If you have not gained your own consent, the data is not yours.

Q2 – What are the rules regarding the use of email addresses?

A –
In order to conduct marketing to consumer email addresses, you must have the person’s specific consent. However, business email addresses (e.g. can often be marketed to under the legal basis of Legitimate Interest, though for some, consent is still needed.

Legitimate Interest can usually be relied upon if emailing a Limited Company, PLC, LLP, Government Organisation or Scottish Partnership. However sole traders and certain other types of partnerships still require consent.

We would only ever release email addresses to you that you are able to use for direct marketing. Sometimes, for consumer email campaigns, we may carry out the email broadcast on your behalf rather than releasing the data to you. This is to ensure compliance and to enable the appropriate monitoring of individual opt-out requests.

Remember, there are specific rules which must be followed when undertaking an unsolicited email broadcast to a prospect or customer list. For example, you must include an unsubscribe option, and it must be a simple process for the individual to unsubscribe. Furthermore, any such Opt-Out requests need to be actioned quickly.

Be certain to know the rules before running your campaign.

Q3 – How often can I use these marketing list?

A – This depends on the lease/licence terms of the data, though you will always be informed beforehand.

Data is purchased under a licence, effectively rented by you, which means that the data is still owned by the list owner.

A single-use lease means that the list can only be once used for the purpose it was purchased, e.g. a single mailing/telephone campaign.

A “multi-use” lease means that the list can be used several times within the licence period. That said, you mustn’t abuse the list by emailing or calling incessantly. Any usage limitations within the licence, such as the maximum number of emails you can send, will be advised at the outset. 

Consumer data is often licensed on a specified number of uses basis, i.e. 3 x use. For example, it may be that you want to carry out 3 mailings over a set period. In those circumstances, you will likely save money overall by purchasing a 3 x use licence at the outset, rather than 3 separate single-use licences. That’s because you receive a discount for buying multi-use, and for each subsequent campaign, a fresh set of data is provided at no extra cost.

Multiple mailings not only reinforce your message but can also be more cost-effective.

Q4 – What happens to the marketing list once the lease expires?

A – Apart from those contacts who have given you their consent (as per the earlier question), you have three options:

  1. Purchase a new licence for the same data (fresh data is supplied)
  2. Purchase new data altogether
  3. Destroy/delete the data

Q5 – How is the list policed?

A – Each List includes a “Seed”, or dummy record specific to that dataset. These can either be fictitious people/companies, or existing people/companies that have a reporting relationship with the list owner. This means that any misuse of the data can be easily identified by the list owner and attributed to the licence holder. List abuse is taken very seriously and fines may be incurred.

Q6 – Are marketing lists better than searching the internet, using LinkedIn or other directories?

A5 – Most definitely, and for many reasons including:

Less Time-consuming. It takes time to research the internet, type out names from a directory or carry out research on LinkedIn. This time could be spent contacting your prospects

Easy to use. The lists are supplied in a standard format that can be used instantly. This makes them ideal for easy mailing, email broadcasting and importing into a CRM system

There are a variety of lists available that are easily selectable and very targeted

The lists are continually updated. Not everyone updates their profile, making directories LinkedIn etc. less accurate

The lists often come with additional information such as the number of employees, website, turnover or other such data

In many cases, directory information is under copyright laws, so copying it may be illegal

Contrary to what some believe, “publicly available” doesn’t mean “Opted-in”. The information available on the internet or within a directory doesn’t mean people have given consent to use it for marketing. The laws regarding marketing are very specific, so you want to be certain you’re acting within the law. Purchasing a mailing list from a reputable supplier will ensure you do just that!4


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Buying Mailing Lists

Did you know that 47% of email recipients open an email based on the subject line alone?
So… What is the best subject line? Claim your FREE E-book to find out.

Killer Subject Lines that Get Emails Opened
Buying Mailing Lists

Did you know that 47% of email recipients open an email based on the subject line alone? So… What is the best subject line? Claim your FREE E-book to find out.

Killer Subject Lines that Get Emails Opened
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