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Data Bubble, the UK Data Brokers you can trust!

Increase sales and boost lead generation with trustworthy UK data brokers.

We provide prospect lists to help you get new sales leads through your marketing campaigns. As a broker, we have access to a huge number of verified data sets to compile the lists of potential marketing leads our customers want.

So call us, or fill out the form to get 10 FREE database records as per your own selection criteria. 

What do data brokers do?

Data broker companies sell contact lists, or databases for marketing and lead generation. These databases may be compiled for direct mail, email campaigns or telemarketing campaigns.

These lists can be filtered to include certain types or sizes of businesses. You can buy lists specific to a part of the UK, or to an industry type. 

As well as buying business lists (business to business data), you can also buy consumer data. This is sometimes referred to as b2c data and can also be tailored to your own requirements.

Note: Good broker companies (sometimes known as information brokers) will ask the right questions about your business in order to get you the right list. Also, a marketing list is NOT a list of qualified leads! We do not provide purchase histories, or personal data (or people search information) that would infringe GDPR rules.

We are independent Data brokers

As independent UK list brokers, we are not tied to any one list. We have a stable of trusted and reputable data list owners. We will give you access to our preferred supplier lists and this variety of sources is to your benefit. And if any are not appropriate, we will tell you.

We work for you, the client, rather than for one list owner. Most list brokers (or data brokerage companies) employ staff who are tied to selling their own list and they have sales targets to hit. 

…we are independent and not tied to one list.

We are confident in providing current, targeted marketing lists, bespoke to your specific requirements. 

We provide useful, validated data that is kept up-to-date.

Contact databases supplied for direct mail, email campaigns or telemarketing 

We provide useful, validated lists that are GDPR compliant and kept up-to-date

Why use us as your List Broker?

Many list brokers just want to sell you a list and move on. We’re different. We’ll help you get the right list for your business, one that will provide more conversions and customers. Your success is our success!

By getting to understand your business, we will advise you on the best routes to market, help you plan your marketing strategy and provide you with targeted mailing lists. This all helps you to get more from your marketing investment. It’s not just a list of contact details. 

We are also ISO 9001:2015 certified (certificate number 363172021), which means that we have robust processes in place to select and monitor all of our suppliers. And you don’t have to go through the laborious process of trying to collect contacts over a long timescale when data brokers collect that information and clean it for you.

Not all data brokers are CIM members!

Data Bubble are CIM members. First of all, we are a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Therefore, we adhere to their codes of practice and industry guidelines in relation to business information and personal information.

Secondly, this means that our customers can be sure that we are compliant with legislation.

In other words, if you are looking for UK mailing lists, then call us and we will be happy to answer your questions.

We’ll find the right list for your business.

 Get in touch today on 0113 465 5555 or email us on

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Increase your customer base

We would all like more new customers. Above all, we want to increase sales. However, your campaign can only be effective with the right data for your marketing purposes. That’s where a good list broker like ourselves can help. For instance, we provide data cleansing that is GDPR* compliant for the purpose of risk mitigation. Subsequently, you have a clean, efficient database that will help you to generate more leads and achieve more sales.

As the UK’s leading independent list broker, we have helped thousands of businesses to grow through targeted data that generates leads when combined with an effective campaign.

Why you need new data

If you don’t already exercise data collection from your contacts or website, you need marketing data that will work for you. You may have a limited number of contacts from collecting data and applying the rule of legitimate interest. You may not be able to generate enough contacts through your website or via your social media accounts.

Data and GDPR

GDPR Stands for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the data protection of those in your mailing lists. GDPR is the strictest privacy law for businesses in the world. GDPR was drafted and passed into law by the European Union and imposes obligations onto organizations worldwide if they use or collect data relating to people within the EU. These standards need to be followed to be compliant and for risk management 

We’re best positioned to help you with that data, whilst being compliant with the information commissioner and GDPR. In addition, Data Bubble operates differently. We don’t just sell you data. Data Bubble ascertains the target audience of your campaign. After that, we select the appropriate data for your business mitigation.

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Increase your sales with UK list brokers that provide trustworthy prospect lists to get you new customers. So, call us or fill out the form to get 10 FREE business database records per your selection criteria. 

Why use data brokers for Consumer & Business data, rather than “going direct”?

I was once asked, ‘Why use a broker for your mailing lists when you can go direct?’

Subsequently, this person had been on the receiving end of unreliable data in the past. Therefore, their perception of list owners and data brokers had been tarnished. Yes, you can go direct…

What else do you need to know?

There are points we would like you to consider when selecting a reputable UK mailing list provider. For example:

  • Do they share marketing skills and experience?
  • How independent is your data supplier?
  • How do you trust your mailing list provider?

Remember, a list owner typically has just one list, so they have to make their one list fit your requirements. As a broker, we have access to a multitude of lists, so you can find the best list for your campaign, thus eliminating the “square peg, round hole” scenario!

Tips To Win New Clients Consistently

Clients are the lifeblood of every company, and most would agree that you need to market your business to win new clients. As such, we have created an E-book – 10 Tips for Getting New Clients Consistently. 

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Let us be your business partner. We are here to help you to increase your sales!

Business Data

Business lists that are ideal for postal, telemarketing and email campaigns. This allows you to promote your business and win new customers.

College Marketing Services

Student recruitment, open events and more. All in one place. Employer engagement campaigns - promoting the college business services.

Data Cleaning

Data Bubble can update your database and make it compliant. We remove and update corrupt data and append new data, saving you time and money every time!

Email Campaigns

We create your campaign and send emails to new prospects, on your behalf. We will generate leads for you and free up your time to run your business

Consumer Data

Consumer lists that put you in front of your ideal customer audience. It's in the core of our business, and it's what we do best!

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What does our CIM  membership mean for you?

First of all, as a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing we are obligated to adhere to their codes of practice. As a result, we are compliant with their legislation, and therefore the service we provide meets the CIM’s high standards as well as our own.

Honest Advice

You can rely on our ethos of “Honesty and High Quality Service”, and we’re proud of our reputation.


Businesses have increased their sales significantly with us. We help you to deliver your message to the right person!


As members of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, you can rely on a safe pair of hands.

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Yes you can purchase marketing data lists, as long as you comply with GDPR & PECR Legislation. Here is a link to the ICO Website using marketing lists

Begin by segmenting the list for targeted campaigns. Personalize your outreach based on the data you have, measure the results, and refine your approach accordingly. 

See our other blog How to Use Marketing Lists to Win New Clients offering further hints and tips 

Marketing data lists, a powerful resource for businesses, offer a multitude of benefits. They can supercharge your campaigns by ensuring your messages reach the right audience.  

The advantages range from increased sales to enhanced brand visibility. 

While marketing data lists can be a game-changer, they come with their share of challenges. It’s crucial to approach them with caution: 

Potential Pitfalls: Issues such as outdated data and data privacy concerns can pose hurdles. Without due diligence, businesses may encounter difficulties. 

How to Mitigate These Drawbacks: The key is choosing the right data provider. A company that prioritises data accuracy and adheres to GPPR and industry best practices. With a trustworthy partner such as Data Bubble, these disadvantages can be minimised, ensuring you reap the rewards of your marketing data lists. 

Deciding whether to invest in marketing data lists is a complex decision. Let’s examine the pros and cons: 

Analysing the Pros and Cons: Marketing data lists offer targeted outreach, potentially higher ROI, and data-driven insights. On the flip side, there are costs, potential inaccuracies, and GDPR concerns to consider. These cons are mitigated when choosing Data Bubble as your trusted supplier because as a list broker we only work with list owner that have robust GDPR policies in place.  

Plus we offer data quality guarantees over and above our competition.  

When Using Marketing Data Lists Is Most Beneficial: A well-curated marketing data list can be particularly beneficial when launching a new product, entering a new market segment, or aiming to boost sales numbers. 

Here are some guiding principles: 

When choosing a List Broker it’s important to keep in mind the data accuracy. The data source, update frequency, and relevance to your target audience. We have over 10 different lists that we can select marketing data from this, ensuring you get the right list for your campaign.  

Best Practices for Getting Results: Regularly cleanse and update your list, segment your data for precise targeting, and consistently measure and analyse your results to refine your approach.  

See our other blog How to Use Marketing Lists to Win New Clients  

While marketing data lists are potent tools, they’re not the sole options available: 

Other Methods include: organic SEO, social media marketing, and traditional advertising avenues like TV and radio. 

Comparing Other Marketing Methods to Data-Driven Marketing: Traditional methods offer broad reach but may lack precision. Where a data-driven approaches, such as using marketing data lists, offer targeted outreach, quicker and measurable results. 

A high-quality list ensures that your marketing efforts are focused on the right audience, leading to better engagement, higher conversion rates, and a more substantial ROI. 

Start by defining your ideal target audience.

For B2B Data this can be based on:  

Industry type – i.e. Accountants, Location, Size of the business by number of employees and Who you want to contact within the company (Managing Director / Head of IT / Marketing Manager etc.) 

For B2C data this can be based on:  
Age, gender, income, marital status. Location, hobbies and interests plus much more.  

Regularly update and cleanse the list to maintain its accuracy. 

Business data marketing offers targeted outreach, data-driven insights, potentially higher ROI, and the ability to tailor campaigns based on specific audience segments. 

The sample prices below are dependent on the list required

Business Growth

£ 300
Per 1,000 Records
  • Comprehensive database: 12 month multi use lease Company name, address, contact name, and job title of the senior contact. A telephone number and email address (where requested)

    For business growth:
    1,000 records: £300 per 1000 + VAT


£ 2550
For 10,000 Records
  • Comprehensive database: 12 month multi use lease Company name, address, contact name, and job title of the senior contact. A telephone number and email address (where requested)

    For established sales and marketing teams:
    10,000 records: £2,550 + VAT


£ 4800
For 20,000 Records
  • Comprehensive database: 12 month multi use lease Company name, address, contact name, and job title of the senior contact. A telephone number and email address (where requested)

    For global teams:
    20,000 records: £4800 + VAT

Speciality Data Solutions

£ 550-£850
For targeted campaigns: per ,1000 Records
  • Job titles database
    Fleet Vehicle database
    Manufacturing database
    Leisure, Hotels, Golf database
    Local Authority / Council database
    Care Homes database
    Plus more

Consumer Data Lists

£ 250
  • Consumer data selections include Age, Income, Children, Homeowner, Holiday, Charity, Insurance Renewal dates plus more

    Name and address for Direct Mail Campaigns

    Due to GDPR we do not provide telephone or email data

Data Cleaning

£ poa
Call for a data audit.
  • The prices are dependent on your requirements

    Business data cleaning / Consumer data cleaning

    The services you required, i.e. Ceased trading, goneaways, deceased appending etc

Printing Services

£ poa
The prices are dependent on your requirements.
  • We offer a one stop shop for data, print and mailing service.

    Printing examples: A5 Postcards, A4 letters, Newsletters, Brochures, Prospectus plus more

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