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Leeds Business Week: Be There Or Be Square

Leeds Business Week: Be There Or Be Square

We shall be sallying forth to the fabulous Leeds Business Week from 23rd – 27th Sept. Will we see you there? It’s going to be a great week of seminars, discussions and networking events for businesses of all sizes in and around the Leeds area.

Leeds Business Week Highlights

A few of the many highlights are:

  • A seminar from Northern Lights PR about how to use LinkedIn and other social media to win new business.
  • Supporting small business growth discussions and a presentation. Small businesses can discuss how to grow their businesses in the current climate and there will even be a ‘Dragon’s Den’ style event where 4 pre-shortlisted businesses get the chance to pitch their ideas for investment!
  • Information security and social engineering – how to protect yourself and your business. Delivered by Agenci Information Security
  • The Leeds City Summit – a Q&A style session, bringing together leaders from the public and private sector with an audience of local businesses.

And much more besides! It’s a packed itinerary at various venues across the city. The complete timetable of events can be found by following the link to the Leeds Business Week website (


Networking Opportunities

As well as all the forums, seminars and presentations, there will be some excellent Networking opportunities such as 4Networking lunch on the 24th, 4Networking breakfast on the 26th and The Yorkshire Mafia Drinks evening on the 26th – all great chances to meet and build relationships with other businesses in the area.

‘A Goal without a plan is just a wish’ Antoine se Saint-Exupery

As you regular readers will doubtless know, we love networking. It’s an important part of our marketing strategy to get out there, meet and get to know other businesses. The advantages are threefold:

Support – It’s great to be in an environment with other business and an excellent resource pool. I remember my first networking meeting – I was quietly terrified beforehand but met with great support from experienced business owners. It’s now very satisfying all these years later, from my lofty position of experience, to offer the same advice and support to new businesses that come networking. People buy from people so building trusted relationships is an important string to your bow in growing your business.

Trusted Suppliers – If you are in need of a product or service the best place to start is with your networkers. A business that comes with a recommendation from someone you trust feels a lot better than picking blindly from Yellow Pages!

What goes around comes around – It grows your contact list and the visibility of your brand in your area. Just as you have a pool of trusted suppliers, so do your fellow networkers.

Data and Networking – The Perfect Marketing Marriage


We have worked with a number of clients recently, supplying them with the contact details of businesses they wish to make connections with within and around the Leeds area. Imagine this; you send initial information via email to a prospect whom you then meet at a seminar/networking event at Leeds Business Week. You are then building a relationship with that person. They may have need of your services right there but if not they have ceased to be a ‘prospect’ and have become a ‘contact’. When they do have the need for the services you offer – who are they going to call? Yep – it’s happened to us so why not you?

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