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Poor Quality Data Means Money Down The Drain

Poor Quality Data Means Money Down The Drain

I recently received two pieces of direct mail marketing that were a complete waste of money – all because the company issuing the mailing held poor quality data.

Wanted: Direct Mail For Recycle Bin

The first mailshot I received came on Monday, from a company that specialises in clothing for children aged 0 – 12. It was a lovely, full colour glossy brochure-cum-catalogue that must have cost a pretty penny to produce, let alone to mail. However, since I have no children and my husband Steve’s son is 16, clearly it’s about as much use to us as an ashtray on a motorbike…..

Now, I’m almost certain that this company has purchased a list of profiled/modelled data. This type of data contains information that is assumed, based upon such things as marital status, neighbourhood, age etc. The thing is, it’s not, shall we say, what you’d call the most accurate data (I’m being extremely kind!), as this clearly demonstrates.

Now, modelled data has its place in certain circumstances, don’t get me wrong. However, when you’ve spent a lot of time and money producing a catalogue of such quality when it comes to posting it out to a cold prospect list, you want a data list that contains actual data, not assumptive data. Needless to say, the mailshot ended up in the recycle bin (actually in all honesty it didn’t, since I am now using it to demonstrate the results of using poor quality data at my networking events!)

Book Now For Christmas!

The second piece I received, again through the post, was from the Caravan Club. I have been a member of the Caravan Club since we bought our caravan some seven years ago. For the last two years, we have holidayed at Christmas, in our caravan, for the festive season.

After returning from our Christmas / New Year holiday early in January, we booked for next Christmas, via the Caravan Club themselves (rather than directly with the camp site). To our amazement, we received a full-colour glossy brochure in July, from the Caravan Club, with a covering letter stating “Why Not Book Your Christmas Break Now…..” What a waste! WE’VE ALREADY BOOKED!!

Now as opposed to the first piece I mention above, this isn’t the result of a poor quality purchased data list, but a prime example of failing to properly utilise the information already held of your existing customers / members.

Whether it’s a case that they don’t keep up to date records of members’ bookings or that they simply don’t check that information prior to undertaking direct marketing campaigns, I’m not sure. We at Data Bubble continually advocate the use of information you hold about your customers, as it’s a wealth of free information that can be used to great success, relatively inexpensively. After all, customers already know who you are and what you can do, so there are no “cold call” style barriers to overcome before achieving a sale. However, in order to ensure you don’t waste time and money, you must have accurate data at the outset.

Good Quality Data is Key To Success

So…..I’m sure you don’t need me to spell out the learning points in this week’s blog any more than the article explains, but the key point is; don’t waste your money! By using good quality, accurate and targeted data, you’ll ensure you maximise your return on investment. Whether that means keeping your existing customer database up to date with orders, cleaning it occasionally to ensure accuracy of customer contact details or purchasing a whole new list, make sure you do so before embarking on a campaign. If cleansing a database or purchasing a new data list, use a trusted supplier such as Data Bubble Consultancy Limited, where the data quality is so good, it’s guaranteed!

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