Card Payments Now Accepted Thanks To Client Feedback

Card Payments Now Accepted Thanks To Client Feedback

At one of the 4Networking events I attend, our group leader often says “If you enjoyed today’s meeting, please tell your friends. If you didn’t, please tell me”

Feedback Matters!

Many companies offer ways in which you as a customer can give feedback on the products and services they provide. This might be through their website, via a feedback form you can pick up in their store / hotel or directly to their staff members. In my opinion, anyone who doesn’t actively seek their clients’ feedback not only runs the risk of becoming out of touch with their clients’ needs and wants (which can in itself become a fatal flaw), but also risks losing valuable opportunities.

What Opportunities Can Feedback Give?

Feedback, when received (and acted upon), prompts you to look at the point in question and often highlights what is or isn’t working. Without that feedback, it’s easy to forget to review what you do and operate in some form of “Ignorance Is Bliss” manner. Now don’t get me wrong, it may be that all is rosy in the garden, however unless you look to see whether or not the rose petals are dying and about to fall off, how will you know when to prune?

Positive feedback, besides being lovely to receive, can be used to promote what you do. It’s entirely possible that the person delivering the feedback may spread a good word within their network and often, if you ask, may even be willing to provide you with a testimonial. This can then be used on your website, promotional literature, social media etc, all of which brings with it great kudos for your company. Either way, many companies gain much of their business through word of mouth and this can only help.

Bad Feedback Doesn’t Have To Be Bad News!

In terms of receiving poor or negative feedback, this is by no means a bad thing and can usually be turned to your advantage with swift and appropriate action. Each piece of negative feedback ought to be viewed as constructive and considered on its merits, taking any emotion out. In doing this, an objective view can be taken and, wherever possible (subject to financial constraints or other reasonable obstacles), improvements or amendments can be made that ought to reduce or negate the need for repeat comments.

Swift application can often negate the original feedback and even win that client over, since most will accept that (in the instance where a mistake has occurred) mistakes happen as a fact of life. Ignorance, on the other hand, shows a lack of empathy and in the worst instances, can lead to increased ill-feeling on the part of the client leaving the feedback. After all, even a letter of gratitude for their feedback, with an explanation as to why it unfortunately can’t be (reasonably) acted upon, shows that at least you took the time to listen!

What Has Data Bubble Done?

We have always prided ourselves on being ahead of the game when it comes to both seeking and acting upon the feedback our clients give us. Our post-sale Customer Delight Survey continues to offer our clients a quick and simple means of advising how they found us to be. We find that this, when twinned with our open and honest ethos, sees feedback being received by us in differing ways week after week. It’s fair to say that we take our clients’ feedback very seriously.

After receiving feedback earlier this year requesting the option to pay by credit and debit card, we investigated ways of implementing this. We needed to be sure of a quick, cost-effective and secure way of accepting payments from our clients. Whilst Paypal offered a short term solution, it was by no means ideal for us, since it was both time consuming and costly to operate, which made its use restrictive.

Credit and Debit Card Payments Now Accepted at Data Bubble

We are pleased and proud to be able to announce that we have now secured the services of a payment processing company that allows us to accept payment by both credit and debit card over the telephone, quickly and securely. Our clients now have another method of purchasing their business data and consumer data from us, which gives them more flexibility and us a more cost-effective and timely means of collecting payment. Furthermore, since we no longer have to turn away potential clients who want to pay by credit card, our sales are likely to increase with immediate effect! This wouldn’t have happened, had we not sought feedback!

As always, we welcome (and as this blog highlights, we pay attention to) your feedback and invite your comments either via comments attached to the blog, or directly to us: [email protected]

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