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Who do I work with?

Who do I work with?

People often ask me who do I work with so this week’s blog is about the different types of companies that I work with.

I work with two different types of clients each with their own data requirement whether that Business data list (B2B data list) or consumer data list.

Both sets of customers require accurate and targeted marketing lists for their or their clients direct marketing campaigns – whether that’s telemarketing, market research, direct mail, email or SMS broadcasting.

Let me give you a little insight in to my ideal customers the – Helping the SME Market

Who you are….

I tend to work with small to medium sized companies that have been trading for over 5 year or so, these companies may be based in Bradford Leeds, Yorkshire – In fact anywhere in the UK. However they all have one thing in common they are looking to get more new customer quickly and effectively.

They are likely to have a customer database whether that’s a business to business data list (B2B data list) or may be a consumer data list; however one thing is for sure this marketing list is likely to have been exhausted from the various marketing campaigns such as telemarketing, direct mail, email or SMS broadcasting.

They are now in the process of expanding their customer database and desperate to get a list of ideal prospects so they can generate more new leads and more new sales. Business to business (B2B)or consumer sales.

Companies include…

Accountants Garden Centres Office supplies
Charities Hamper Printers
Cleaning companies Health clubs Promotions
Creative Health care Race courses
Distribution Insurance Recruitment
Energy Companies IT Training
Exhibition Mail order Travel
Finance Mailing houses Virtual offices
Football clubs Marketing Agencies Vehicle tracking
Fuel Companies Membership Universities
Gaming companies Office furniture Will companies

This is only a few of the industries I work with….

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What your issues tend to be….

They may even have a sales team who are working their existing database to death perhaps telephone marketing sending updated brochures via direct mail. The response rates may have decreased over time as clients and prospects know of the services.

In fact the sales team may be that frustrated that they have resorted to searching the internet for new business lists (B2B data) or even obtain consumer (consumer data) information from paper directories – which not only takes time but also result in poor quality leads being obtained.

They may not be unaware of the legal requirement to screening their telemarketing lists against the Telephone Preference Services (TPS) & / or Corporate Telephone preference service ( CTPS) prior to marking telemarketing calls or screening the direct marketing mailing list against the mail preference service (MPS) never mind the potential fines the company may face if they don’t comply.

I often find that in the past the owner or sales manager may in have previously purchased an old or out of date business list (b2B data) or a list of consumers that weren’t TPS Screened before output and as such that marketing list didn’t work or they may have even heard horror stories of data thefts and as such they are a little wary of purchasing business data lists (b2b data) or consumer lists. .

So what do you need most right now…..

You need to find a way of getting new customer quickly and efficiently..

They want to find a quick and easy solution allowing them to target their ideal customers, and they want a marketing list that they can generate more new sales quickly and effectively.

They want someone to help then, guide them through the data jungle only recommending the best list for their marketing campaign, whether that’s a telemarketing, direct mail, email or SMS broadcasting campaign they want a list that will get results.

Ultimately providing them with an marketing list whether that’s a business to business data list ( b2b data) or a consumer data marketing list – they want someone who can be trusted to provide them with their ideal marketing list.

By using my service they will save time and be able to target their ideal customer quickly and effectively allowing them or their sales team to getting new sales quickly, efficiently and compliant with the legislation.

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