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Data Bubble & Hynotherapy..Hypnotherapist in Bradford

Data Bubble & Hynotherapy..Hypnotherapist in Bradford

As many of you may know along with running Data Bubble I’m also an advanced qualified hypnotherapist in Bradford & Keighley

Some people think it’s all scary stuff so I was delighted when I was asked to do a radio interview last week explaining hypnosis and how hypnotherapy can help my clients.

As such, I thought it would be great to share the interview with you…

To give you some background as a salesperson working each month to tight deadlines, making sure I hit my targets, I found that each month I was getting increasingly stressed. So finally I came back from a holiday in 2009 and noticed that within hours of setting foot into the office, I was back to full red alert and highly stressed thinking “I need a holiday.”

This was my epiphany. Things needed to change.

The first step I took was to look on the internet and see what was great for stress relief. This is the point where I noticed hypnotherapy could help. Me being me, rather than go for a session with a hypnotherapist, I decided to jump right in and train to become a hypnotherapist.

Having completed the training and experienced the benefits of hypnotherapy first-hand, I decided I needed to share this gift with others and help others to manage their stress exactly as I did.

And so now ….

I tend to work with people in Bradford, Keighley and West Yorkshire who were in a similar situation to me. They tend to be working professionals – Salespeople / Business owners who are that busy with their lives that don’t have time for healthy eating often grabbing food on the move; they don’t take regular exercise or even have time for relaxation!!

They dream of getting a good night’s sleep and improving their lifestyle not only for themselves but also for their friends and family. They may want to quit smoking, eat healthily and get more exercise. They have got to a point that enough is enough and are determined to make the changes.

What separates my service from other hypnotherapists in Bradford & West Yorkshire is that I’m a advanced qualified Hypnotherapist with over 5 years experience and I create lasting changes quickly for my clients such as

  • The young boy who could speak freely after stuttering for 8 years.
  • The lady who now can go on holidays abroad with her partner as she no longer is frightened of flying.
  • The family who have changed their lifestyle to incorporate a healthy eating routine and regular exercise plan.

By working together we help create a healthier lifestyle that allows them to release the stresses of the day and make the changes they want.

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