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Top 10 Essential Telephone Sales Tips


Top 10 Essential Telephone Sales Tips

There are lots of things you can do to help ensure your telephone campaign is as successful as possible.

Here are our top 10 essential telephone tips when contacting your prospects via the telephone.

Top 10 telephone Sales Tips

Top 10 Essential Telephone Sales Tips

  1. When calling a prospect, don’t start your conversation with “How are you today?” This signals to the prospect that you are a cold caller / telemarketer. A more professional start is to introduce yourself and state why you are calling.
  2. Never ask your prospect “Are You Busy?” in your opening statement. This is an easy opportunity for the prospect to get you off the phone before you’ve even begun to deliver your pitch. Let’s face it, most people are busy. But if they have answered the call, you have their attention so use the opportunity – they’ll soon let you know if it’s inconvenient. And if it IS inconvenient, ask them for a more appropriate time to call.
  3. Don’t act like you know the person as a close friend, when you’ve never met them. This comes across as being disingenuous and signals a “telemarketer” or some other unprofessional sales person.
  4. If you’ve been referred to the subject, then give the name of the referrer in your opening speech. This will likely put the contact at ease, or at least make them much less defensive.
  5. Prepare yourself mentally and always be enthusiastic and positive. A prospect will not want to speak with someone who is bored or has a wrong attitude.
  6. Smile while you are talking. Your prospect might not be able to see the smile, but they will know you are smiling.
  7. Be prepared before you picking up the telephone. Rehearse your opening pitch and have answers to any questions they may ask lined up.
  8. Always be honest. If the prospect asks you a question and you don’t know the answer, tell them you don’t know and that you will get back to them. Your prospect will respect you for it.
  9. Be polite and always say thank you for sharing time on the telephone with you.
  10. State the benefits of your offering, rather than the features. Explain how your offering solves their problems. This is your opportunity to impress and present why your prospect should continue with the conversation.

We hope you found out top 10 essential telephone sales tips useful. Check out our blog page for more useful marketing tips.

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