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6 Steps to a Successful Direct Mailing Campaign

6 Steps to a Successful Direct Mail Campaign

6 Steps to a Successful Direct Mailing Campaign

A successful direct mailing campaign is said to be 70% the list, 20% the offer and 10% the copy.

But how do you turn that formula into success? Well, here are our 6 steps to a successful direct mailing campaign:

  1. Get Yourself an Accurate, Targeted List

It’s essential that any direct mail campaign begins with identifying your ideal target audience.

Outline your objective and identify who your ideal customers are by virtue of which prospects are most likely to deliver you results. Unlike an email, a piece of direct mail will cost money to send, so clean data is crucial to reducing wastage and ensuring that your direct mailing campaign hits the right audience.

  1. A Personal Touch

The value of personalised content is high, particularly when it comes to direct mailing. It engages with your ideal targeted audience.

The tactile nature of direct mail means that it reaches audiences in a way that cannot be replicated by email or social media, meaning that this channel offers a truly unique opportunity for businesses to build a personal connection with their ideal targeted client.

  1. A Creative Design

A direct mail piece needs to stand out to increase the chance of conversion. Bright colours, interesting fonts and images or even lumpy mail can help give you the edge.

  1. Great Copy

You need to hook your prospects in from the start to stop your piece heading straight to the bin.

Create a striking headline to grab your audience’s attention and encourage them to read on. The main body of your piece should be short and sweet, but more importantly, relevant to the prospect.

Holding back some of the information can also be a great way to encourage your prospect to visit your website for further information.

  1. A Clear Call To Action

An essential element of any successful direct mailing is having a clear call to action. Keep it simple and easy to follow in order to maximise conversions.

  1. Tracking & Analysis

Just like any direct marketing campaign, direct mail needs to be tested, tracked and analysed in order for businesses to learn from their mistakes and be guided by their successes. Testing will enable you to continue delivering successful direct mailing campaigns.

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