Asking Your Customers For a Referral

Asking Your Customers for a referral builds Trust and Business Reputation

Asking Your Customers For a Referral

Asking Your Customers For a Referral

The very best way to get a new customer is to simply ask a happy customer for a referral.

And the good thing about referred customers is that you will almost always be able to charge full price, because they are presold on your quality and your work.

As soon as you have completed a successful transaction with a good customer, simply ask, “Do you happen to know anyone like yourself that would benefit from my products & services?”

Asking Your Customers For a Referral

There are several benefits to asking your customers for a referral – here are just a small number:

  1. Having already completed a transaction with the customer that ended in high satisfaction, they are likely to sing your praises
  2. A referral brings with it a degree of trust that you might not otherwise have
  3. An introduction warms up the subject and removes the “gatekeeper” hurdle
  4. It’s an inexpensive means of lead generation

Whilst it’s unlikely that every customer will oblige you, you’ll be amazed by how much new business you can bring in by just asking a happy client for a referral. Try it and see what happens. Why not contact your clients now and ask for a referral?

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