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The Secrets of Buying Marketing Data

the secrets of buying marketing data

The Secrets of Buying Marketing Data

I read an article from a well-known Marketing Expert saying “Don’t buy email lists as there’s no guarantee that the list you buy will be full of qualified leads”
Guess what … a marketing list is NOT a list of qualified leads!

A qualified lead is a prospect that you have contacted, who knows about your company, and that has shown an interest in your products or services. A marketing list is a list of unqualified people, who you haven’t contacted yet. You don’t know if they need your product, nor do you know if they will be interested in what you are offering, although you believe they may be. Your objective is to contact these people and get them interested, so when they need your product or service, they come to you – and become a qualified lead

How do you do that?

… by getting these contacts to opt in to your nurturing process by offering a relevant lead magnet i.e. Ebooks, “How-to” guides, cheat sheets, webinars etc. Once in your nurturing process, you can send them content that’s engaging and educational.

We suggest:

  • Be consistent and regular with your lead generation campaigns.
  • Have a desirable lead magnet that’s relevant to your prospects.
  • Ensure your nurturing process is engaging by giving helpful hints and tips.
  • Keep in touch by telephone, arranging a 121 and connecting on social media.
  • Be available when they are ready to buy

Your marketing campaigns are only as good as the data you hold. Ensure your lead generation starts with accurate and up-to-date data. So if you are looking for clean, accurate, targeted data, call us on 01274 965411 or email [email protected]

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