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Five tips on creating case studies

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Five tips on creating case studies

Our top 5 tips on creating case studies


A good case study can create empathy with your customer. It can tell a story about how you understand their problems and pain points, by showing how you have helped others in a similar situation.

Here are our 5 steps to Creating a Brilliant Case study:

  1. Know your audience
    Effective case studies start with your audience. Consider who will be reading your case study and what’s in it for them?
  2. Let the results talk
    Give facts and figures about the results achieved. What difference did you make?
  3. Alleviate their fears and concerns
    Let your buyer know the simplicity of implementation. Describe your onboarding process and show how easy it is to work with you.
  4. Let’s talk benefits
    Give your buyer details of the benefits of working with you. Show how those benefits help make the buyer’s life easier.
  5. Tell the company and human story
    Tell the story that demonstrates how well your customer did, both from the perspective of the customer and the employee who engaged you. You could include a testimonial if you have one (and if not, ask the customer for one)

5 bonus tips on How to Structure Your Case study:

  1. Include an attention-grabbing outcome title
  2. Create a short paragraph explaining the problem and your solution, including the results achieved
  3. Briefly list the benefits of your product/service
  4. Explain how easy the customer found it was to work with you.
  5. Finish with a Call To Action…

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