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Pedal for pounds – diary

Pedal for pounds – diary

So having completed the Pedal for pounds challenge of riding 260 miles from Yeovil to Huddersfield – let me tell you about the adventure…

Let the adventure begin

Wednesday 3am – alarm went off – didn’t sleep much either perhaps in anticipation of the ride. So we eventually get over to Huddersfield on a coach to Yeovil…

The coach was very quiet all the way down – People getting some sleep -Arrived at Yeovil at 12pm all changed and ready for the off ….

Day 1 Yeovil to Bath (46 miles)

Setting off from Yeovil everyone was in high spirits – Local people waving and clapping as we leave the town..

The First 3 miles of the event seemed uneventful until we passed a fellow rider sprawled out having ridden into a van ( broken his wrist and messed up his face a little blood was everywhere ). I think we call came down with a bump as to the potential dangers of the challenge.

Ride into Bath – I found the ride into Bath good – apart from 100 yards away from the hotel – just about to stop at the roundabout and DOH forgot to unclip .. down I went ! landing on my ribs and winding myself …. Oh god Im in pain !!

A night in out in Bath was cut short, shattered from the lack of sleep the nigth before but also mindful that we had to get up early and ride 96 miles the next day.

Steve and I ready for the off

Day 2 Bath to Solihull ( 96 miles)

So head off we go from Bath .. Now there was a massive hill coming out of Bath that took us all by surprise!! I was just waiting for Breakfast to reappear !!

After that it was on to the quiet country roads to out first stop of the day Tetbury. What a lovely town.

Around about 30 miles outside of Bath one of our team gets a puncture – So our team captain Steve helps with the puncture… Only to find out that having sat on a drain cover and put his foot down a drain … Yes his foot had slipped in to a hole!! So when he pulled it out he had a nice new ankle bracelet .. well we couldn’t stop laughing!

So the trip from Bath to Solihull wasn’t exactly smooth. Again our team suffered another puncture which put us back a full 2 hours.. so we had some catching up to do !!

Unfortunately we got lost following the directions – As we were faced with a choice of Oxford or Cheltenham – as you can imagine a long way from Solihull!! Finally one of our group had a phone with walking directions to Solihull…

Unfortunately when we got to Evesham it started to rain.. and Rain hard it did – so for 4 hours we were out riding in the cold wet miserable conditions – having got lost we had missed the food stations, we were all a little low at this point.. Finally coming into the hotel at 10.10pm .. cold wet hungary … but with food being stopped at 10pm there was little to do except peel off our clothes have a hot shower and go to bed.

Day 3 – Solihull to Sheffield ( 96 miles)

So having peeled on out wet gear we headed out again – determined not to get lost, wet or a foot stuck!! So we head off up the A roads in search of t’ norf !!

Unfortunately one of the A road happened to be the A38 – this was one of the most scary parts of the journey – there we were cycling as lorries rushed past, caravans wafted in cutting us up, sales reps rushing home for the bank holiday … 30+ miles of this road of death was very scary. How we reached Derby Ill never know!!

The treck from Derby to Sheffield was the hilliest.. long sweeping hills that you just knew you had to climb praying you’d see a sign to Sheffield and home!

Eventually hitting Sheffield at 9.30pm we headed for our rooms to change and get some hot food. Curry here we come!!

Day 4 Sheffield to Huddersfield ( 26 miles )

The trip from Sheffield to Huddersfield was great – people cheering us on our way, beeping their car horns, waving and clapping showing their support, this was a very special feeling knowing you had finished a truly hard task and raised a lot of money for charity!

So we headed to Ravensknowle Park where we have a little party before heading off to Galpharm Stadium for our lap of honour.

The reason for doing the bike ride was to raise over £1000 for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance and Huddersfield Town Academy – Every £1 raised 50p will be going to Yorkshire Air Ambulance and 50p will be going to the club academy

I wanted to do this challenge not only because it’s for 2 great causes but also as a personal challenge – strength and determination…
Now having completed it I have met some great friends on the way – understand the meaning of camaraderie and team work .. but above all I feel very proud of myself.

OUR – Lap of Honour

And of course Special thank you to the support team – they were fantastic – never once telling you the truth about how far we had to go!! Thank you guys –

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far – Please show your support and donate whatever you can

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