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Developing your business – Know your ideal customers

Developing your business – Know your ideal customers

One of the key elements of developing your business and creating a successful direct marketing campaign is to know and identify your ideal customer.

You may have a great product, but not everyone is going to want to buy it. So rather than spending lots of money promoting your services to anyone and everyone, it’s far better to be more targeted and promote your product/services to companies that are more likely to buy your services.

That’s why it’s important to know what an ideal customer for your business looks like.

Your ideal customer may have a job title in specific industry types, in a particular postcode area, the company have a certain number of employees or turnover. But unless you know who the right customer is to sell your product to, you can’t expect to carry out a successful direct marketing campaign and gain more of your ideal customers.

As well as knowing who your ideal customers are you may want to ask yourself…

  • Who do you like working with? Believe it or not, you can have a choice of who you want to work with… Demanding customers can drain your energy – it’s far better to work with pleasant customers with who you enjoy working.
  • Which customers make it worth your while? Not only profitability wise but also who are prompt payers – Big named customers may look great on the books but if a company damages your cash flow that can hinder your whole business.
  • Who are your repeat customers? It’s good to build up strong relationships with people so they automatically think of you when needing your services.
  • What do they want and need from you? Not only product-wise but think of their other expectations such as delivery and customer service.

An ideal customer is one who has found an effective solution to their problems in your product or service. They don’t only purchase, but they enthuse and recommend you and your product.

Often good customers are ones who you really enjoy working with too, they may you feel good, energised and motivated to keep doing a good job…

When you are completely aware of your ideal customer and have a clear understanding of their characteristics, requirements and expectations you are able to tap into this information and write a marketing message that resonates with similar prospects.

To give you some background on Data Bubble –

I work with companies that have been trading for 5 years or more. They often have sales teams that are hungry to get more new customers effectively and quickly. They are sick of calling their existing marketing list and as such struggle to get new prospects that convert into their ideal new clients. More often than not wasting time and resources trying to get the information from paper directories or the internet.

By using my Marketing List Service they will save time as they will have their own marketing list that targeted their ideal customer, thereby allowing the sales team to get new sales quickly and effectively.

What separates me from other marketing list companies is that I am completely independent and work for you rather than which marketing list pays the highest commission. I am honest and will only present the ideal marketing lists that I truly believe in.

Would you like to know more? call me on 01274 483936

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