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Data Bubble Newsletter – April 2014

Data Bubble Newsletter – April 2014

This Month’s Newsletter!

The nights are getting lighter – the clocks went forward last weekend – Woohoo!! I hope you’re all enjoying the return to BST as much as we are….

The dogs are happier, as they have a longer, lighter evening walk (especially good, now that they’re all back to full fitness). Steve’s happier, since his tight-fisted refusal to purchase new bike lights means he can ride of an evening again. I’m happier – it’s caravan season again and I can’t wait until Easter and our first jaunt of the year……

Anyway, let’s hope April brings with it sunshine on a business front as well……

We hope you enjoy our newsletters and welcome any comments… Call Joanne or Steve on 01274 483936 / 01274 542379

Data Bubble News updates

Expansion Plans Afoot

As we grow, the need for new premises is apparent. On that note, we had an offer accepted a week or so ago on a lovely little property in Thornton village, just down the road from the Brontes’ birthplace. Unfortunately, the work required to bring it up to standard proved too restrictive after taking advice from the builder and architect, so we had to back out. As such, we remain on the lookout for any suitable properties in and around the Bradford area. If you know of any buildings that might suit – we’re looking for somewhere appropriate to house 5 or 6 people in an office environment – please get in touch.

Caravan Out of Hibernation

After three months under cover, the caravan has been unveiled to the world again…..and we can’t wait to get back out on the road. We have already booked several breaks this year and look forward to the first outing in three weeks or so, when we go to the North Yorkshire Dales. I have to admit that as I type this newsletter, I’m not entirely sure where we’re going (I do this all the time – book lots in advance then forget where I’ve booked. It drives Steve mad, and we have on occasion arrived at a site only to find that it’s not the one I booked!!! D’oh!), still, I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough!

And finally…Good Luck to the Pedal for Pounds Guys

Later this month, almost 300 people will take part in Pedal for Pounds 5, raising money for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. Some of you will recall that Steve and I rode in P4P4 and P4P3, so we send our best wishes to those riding in this year’s challenge which, unfortunately, we can’t ride this time!

Since this will be the last newsletter before the first extended break of the year, we hope you all have a wonderful Easter….

As we always openly state that we welcome all feedback, good or bad, whether it relates to data supplied, our newsletters or other contact, us individually or as a company. Seriously, the only way we can ever hope to get better is through client feedback, so please keep it coming.

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