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Top 10 Tips on Using LinkedIn for Business

Top 10 Tips on Using LinkedIn for Business

I think it’s fair to say I am a bit of a devotee to LinkedIn. Like any marketing activity and social media platform it has many strings to its bow.

It helps your business to:

  • Expand your network
    Increase your brand reach
    · Prove your expertise in your field
    · Support your business credibility

And so make more sales and increase your bottom line.

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know

Since its inception 11 years ago in May, LinkedIn has grown from a social networking site where professionals could post their CV’s and publish recommendations, to a contact relationship management tool for individuals in business. It works very well and I have both extended my network and won business because of it.

When you first leap into LinkedIn it can feel a bit daunting – where to start? Well if that’s you, no need to worry. Hopefully my tips on how I have made LinkedIn work for Data Bubble will help.

  1. Don’t be an enigma – Profile pics are paramount – and make it a good quality one, it shows your professionalism. Don’t be tempted to use just your logo either – people connect with people not artwork. Don’t be shy – you are an ambassador for your business!
  1. Who are you? – make your profile page comprehensive about what you do and your skill base and keep updating it with latest blog articles and projects.
  1. Recommendations – When a client is happy with your work, ask them to recommend you on LinkedIn which will stand as a testimonial on your profile.
  1. Make connections – Not just people you know but people you meet networking that you have talked to and shared information about your businesses with. It’s not just the people you meet, but who they know who could become your next hot prospect. Remember though, LinkedIn is about connections – don’t spam masses of people you’ve never heard of to be a connection because you want to sell to them.
  1. Joined-up thinking – Join lots of groups – it’s a great way to introduce yourself and your business to people who may then become connections.
  1. Walk the Talk – Start conversations and enter into group discussions; be a contributor. It boosts your credibility and gets your brand out there. It needn’t be about your particular industry – share your experiences as it may benefit other group members.
  1. Publish and be damned goodPost your blog articles on LinkedIn. It gets your brand seen and has the added benefit of showing both your area of expertise and your personality.
  1. Follow the Leaders – Follow the movers and thinkers – keep abreast of the latest news from your and related industries. If something is interesting feel free to comment, commend and share.
  1. Be regular and consistent – It helps with brand leverage if you are regularly there, contributing and sharing. Little and often is far better than “binge” LinkedInning….
  • Be helpful – If you can refer a friend / colleague then do so. Not only does it show that you’re a great networker, I’m sure your friend / colleague would be grateful PLUS you’ll find that this also promotes reciprocity!

How LinkedIn works for Data Bubble

I spend about an hour a day on LinkedIn. I have HootSuite set up to alert me to any direct messages so I can respond as soon as possible. I regularly start and contribute to discussions – it’s no hardship really – it’s always interesting!

Many of my referrals from LinkedIn advise me that they have seen me on LinkedIn via a specific group and decided to contact me. I have also found that other people refer me by email with a link to discussions they have seen within a group where there is a request/question that I could help with.

At Data Bubble we work with many businesses to create a cohesive strategy for their sales and marketing activities. A strategy for making social media work for your business can really reap rewards. Please get in touch for a free no-obligations consultation if your business needs a sales and maketing review.

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