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Is National Gardening Week an Opportunity for Direct Marketing?

Is National Gardening Week an Opportunity for Direct Marketing?

As I post this, the sun is shining and our next door neighbour is outside, cleaning his car. I can smell the sweetness of early morning dew that suggests spring is here and to match, I can hear the sound of a couple of lawnmowers trimming the grass, which is quite apt really – Did you know it’s National Gardening Week this week? I ask for two reasons.

Firstly, I should point out that Steve loathes gardening. And I mean loathes. Nothing makes him grumpy and grouchy like the prospect of a leaf tidy, weeding and grass cutting (with the possible exception of anything remotely related to decorating!) Don’t get me wrong – he’s a big fan of a neatly turned out border and a smooth lawn – as long as he doesn’t have to do it. We kind of take it in turns to give our attention to it (unless I can deftly swerve the task like I did this weekend – yay!), save of course for when my mum comes around with her watering can and secateurs, then it’s win-win for Steve and I.

What’s this got to do with Direct Marketing?

Well here’s a funny story about Steve. As business owners we don’t always completely switch off at the weekend, and Steve was very thoughtful, mulling over a problem he had with how to present a certain piece of information with the most clarity to a prospect. Maybe I should have picked a better moment to do a runner and leave Steve to mow the lawn (for the first time this year!). I can’t lie – I was dreading the levels of grumpiness on my return.

Not so Secret Garden

When I had returned two things had changed – there were beautifully trimmed lawns and a happy Steve. How could this be

It’s a case of Direct Marketing Gardening!

Steve’s little world was a happy one again. He had solved his problem with the help of the knowledge that it was National Gardening Week and here’s why:

  1. ‘Contemplation is Key my Sweet’ (Steve evidently had put his time in the garden to good use and allowed the answer to come to him rather than fretting over it).
  2. He knew it was National Gardening Week because we keep an eye on these things. Yes, gardening isn’t our niche but it is a niche we can market our services to. There is a National something Week most weeks, and we have had a lot of success of being able to apply what we do to many industries. And all because we can communicate the benefits clearly, concisely and to the right people.

It pays to ensure that your Marketing Message is relevant to your audience, to tailor that message accordingly and to be able to send it to the right people. It is certainly a concept worth considering. I’m not sure Steve’s weekend will have substantially changed his views on gardening. I’ll find out when he discovers I’ve hidden a trowel and a packet of sunflower seeds in his shoes!

If you would like help in formulating the right message, finding the right people to send that message to, and at the right time, why not give us a call?

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