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Direct marketing campaigns

direct marketing campaigns

Direct marketing campaigns

Direct marketing is the way of communicating with your customers or potential leads through different mediums such as email, post, or over the telephone.

As data brokers and in our capacity as direct marketing experts, here are our tips on how do you plan a direct marketing campaign?

The first step to making any campaign successful is learning and understanding your target audience.

Getting to know the type of people you are targeting is important because you can market things that are relevant to their personal/work situations. It’s great to get to know the sector that they work in a bit more thorough research, try to find out what their pain points and their strengths are.

Now that you know your target audience, the next step is to get a list that we will direct this campaign towards. Contact a list broker, such as Data Bubble and provide your target audience from your initial research.

Now you have your list, the next step is to create a mailing piece. In which you need to ensure you have a CTA – Call to Action. This depends on what you want out of the email campaign. If it is to get more website views then you will link your website may be enticing them with an offer that they can only get on there. Think about your aim first then you can create your mailing piece around that.

When everything has been planned, it is important to make sure you test your campaign. Checking the layout, making sure it looks the same when sent out and checking for any mistakes in the text.

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