How To Get The Most Out Of Your Marketing List

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Marketing List

Most of our clients come to us to purchase a marketing list – business data and consumer data – although I often wonder how many actually maximise the data we supply. Here, therefore, are some tips to start you off and help to make sure you get the most out of your marketing list. Visit our website for more similar free tips and advice.

Start Using The Marketing List As Soon As You Buy It

According to research undertaken by Experian, 10% of consumer data and 35% of business data becomes out of date each year. It, therefore, makes sense to purchase your data only when your ducks are in a row and you’re ready to embark upon your campaign.

Don’t get me wrong, don’t leave it to the last minute to think about your data purchase, although keep it to enquiries during the initial stages. Obtain “counts” of available records from your data supplier at the earliest opportunity. This will allow you to target specific audiences accurately and budget for the other cost aspects of the campaign.

From here, move on to perfecting your copy, printing your mailshots or organising your telemarketing team. Once everything’s aligned in readiness, place your order for the marketing list, allowing around 48 – 72 hours prior to the start of your campaign.

It’s a 12 Month Licence, So Use It For 12 Months

Whilst we can and do supply data on a single-use basis (use once then dispose of), the vast majority of the data we supply is on a 12-month multi-use basis. This means that the data can be used as many times as you wish for a full year.


It’s a known and researched fact that it can take several “marketing touches” before a prospect will buy from you. This is down to the fact that they build familiarity with your brand, which in turn builds trust and renders them more likely to buy from you. The average number of marketing touches, according to research undertaken by the DMA, is seven.

Don’t Just Stick To One Format

Don’t stick to emails alone, or phone calls alone – mix it up a little. An email blast or mailshot, followed by a telephone call a few days later can be a good way to make initial contact. Going forwards, monthly newsletter emails or occasional offers can also raise awareness.

Mailshots can be more costly to send, so why not insert a little “freebie”. Branded items such as pens, mug mats, data sticks and the like may sit on their desk, keeping your company in mind. Sending something with a link to your business, no matter how tenuous, can add another dimension – i.e. we sometimes send miniature bubbles, like we used to play with as children! It’s different and fun!

Also, SMS texting has to be included in the mix these days, since handheld devices such as smartphones and the like are increasing in popularity all the time. It’s relatively cost-effective, quick and simple, plus it’s my understanding that the open rate of SMS texts is perhaps the highest of all direct marketing media channels.

Make The Headline Grab Their Attention

This is particularly pertinent when email marketing, since you only have the subject heading in which to make your initial impact. Write something that will spark their mind into picturing increased sales figures, or create intriguing attention grabbers that make curiosity force them to read on……

When considering this, place yourself in the position of the recipient. What would make you more inclined to read on or open the email? Detailed benefits to the prospect are good, rather than telling them what you do. Tips and advice are also good and whilst not selling your wares per se, they increase awareness and trust, as they paint you as experts in your field.

Hopefully, you find the above useful – please let us know since we always welcome feedback both good and not so good. Visit our website for more helpful and free tips and advice….

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