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An Accurate Business Database Means More Customers

Accurate Business Data Means More Customers

An Accurate Business Database Means More Customers

An Accurate Business Database Means More Customers

Who would argue against the well-known phrase “You get out what you put in”? Not many, I dare say. Well, why should marketing data be any different?

Waste of Money …

How many times have you received a direct marketing communication that was of absolutely no relevance to you whatsoever? I know I have, on many occasions, thought “What a waste of money” when receiving such contact. Well, that’s exactly what bad quality marketing data does – it creates wasted money.

Take, for example, the email I received once offering me a great deal on a new combine harvester … for my 12-foot square garden! Or the time I received a “not-to-be-missed” offer … 3 days after it had expired. How about the mailshot that landed on my doorstep stating that I had been “pre-approved” for a product specifically for the over 55s – I’m 48!

You Do the Maths!

Inaccurate data must account for a whole heap of wasted resources in this country. The thing is, not only does it produce little in the way of financial return, it actually costs in rectifying the inaccuracies.

Errors can cost in more than just financial ways too. Think about the time lost in rectifying errors, amending databases that contain poor data, or issuing apologies to complainants. How much easier would it be to know that the data you hold is as accurate as possible? And maintaining an accurate database need not be an onerous task either.

Most records can be kept up-to-date through the regular running of your business, i.e. sending out monthly newsletters and reacting to clicks / unsubscribes / bounces etc. Verifying information held on file when speaking to customers on the phone. These are simple procedures with very little time impact, that could be the difference between a sale and a complaint.

As for Compliance!

The new data protection regulations (GDPR) require that personal information be kept accurate and up-to-date, so it’s imperative that companies Get Data Protection Right (see what I did there?) The penalties for failing to do so are daunting, but if you’re doing the right thing and keeping accurate records, you’re sure to be in good stead.

Get It Right First Time

Clean data is key to the success of any direct marketing campaign. Ensuring your starting position is as good as it can be will ensure your marketing campaign runs without a hitch.

Wing it, with fingers crossed, and you risk not only the failure of your campaign, but also the wrath of the authorities. What’s the point of that, when you could be risking more than you could gain?

We specialise in data cleansing and can easily run an audit on your database, which is usually free. This will highlight your database’s strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to not only know your starting point, but also assess your risk factor.

So why wait, get in touch and let us prove to you that Good Data Produces Revenue … Call us on 01274 965411 or email [email protected]

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