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11 Simple Tips to BOOST Your Sales

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11 Simple Tips to BOOST Your Sales

Here are some tips to help you boost your sales.

1- Run a customer marketing campaign

Few businesses market to their own customers as well as they could, leaving a potential goldmine of opportunity behind. Your customers are your most valuable resource, so you don’t want to risk losing them. Get to know as much as you can about them, keep your customer database up-to-date and contact them frequently. This will keep you in mind and give them reasons to come back and do business with you.

2- Target your best potential customers

The more you know about your ideal customer profile, the easier it is to target your most profitable group of potential customers. Therefore do a survey of your best customers to determine their demographics, company type, size location and then analyze the results. This will help you select targeted prospect lists that look like your most profitable audience.

3- Ask your customers what they want

By asking your customers and potential customers what they like and don’t like about your business, you will be better prepared to give them what they want. Remember, it’s not about you – it’s about them. Without them, you have no business!

4- Find out what your competitors are up to

Find out what your competitors are doing and what they say. Take a look at their strengths and weaknesses, and then do the same for your business. Assess what you do better and make sure it’s something customers want. Give your customers a good reason to do business with you, rather than them.

5- Rewrite your existing marketing literature and use techniques that get results

Take a look at all of your website, business literature and advertising and ask yourself if you were the customer, would you buy? Better still, ask friends and family, or existing customers. Is it compelling?

• Create a powerful headline. The headline is the most important part of your ad. It has to make readers want to read more and take action.

• Write your ad copy to sell. Tell readers how doing business with you will benefit them. Include testimonials to boost credibility.

• Include a call to action. Tell them exactly what you want them to do: call today; visit our showroom; call for more information; order now.

• Include a good offer. Give readers a reason to act now. Limited-time sale, free gift or valuable information. Be sure the offer has an expiration date

• Tie it in with an emotion – greed, fear, desire … people relate to an emotional connection.

6- Expand your networking efforts

Attend networking events that reach your audience and follow up with the people you meet. Your networking contacts are your unpaid sales force (and you, in return, are theirs!) Remember, people buy people.

7- Run a direct mail campaign

Purchase a targeted list that includes your best prospective customers and do a series of mailing pieces to persuade recipients to do business with you. Frequency is the key, so make sure you create a schedule and stick with it.

8- Launch a PR campaign

Be the expert in your field, whether its with local, national or industry specific press. Getting known as the expert in your field will heighten your company’s profile. Again frequency pays off.

9- Track everything

Keep a track of exactly when and where your prospect or customer obtained your details and then analyse the results. You can then allocate your budget accordingly to maximize your return-on-investment.

10- Be sure to follow-up

Eighty percent of sales are made on the fifth or later sales call, so don’t give up. Keep in front of your prospects with mailings, phone calls or emails. Be friendly, helpful and persistent. By improving your follow-up, you can increase sales from your current stream of prospects.

11- Run an email marketing campaign

Email marketing is a proven cost-effective way of obtaining new business. Emails are the perfect way to introduce your company to an otherwise cold audience. When using a specialist provider such as E-Mailer, you can utilise the anlytics function to see who has engaged with your emails and take follow-up actions with those contacts, such as making phone calls or engaging on social media, to boost your sales!

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