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4 Steps to Winning New Clients

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4 Steps to Winning New Clients

We know that winning new clients is a priority for most business owners. Yet most business owners want to get on with doing the work they love rather than targeting and prospecting and winning new clients.

But how to reach these clients? And what marketing will work?

Well, you have two real choices: either spend lots of money using a scattergun approach to marketing that’s not really targeted OR you can use a clever combination of LinkedIn and Email.

Here are the four steps to winning new clients.

Step 1 – Building Personal Credibility

OK, so you need new sales. The problem is that people are busy. They get hundreds of messages from your competitors. But unfortunately, they don’t have a reason to read your message. I mean, to them, who are you and what do you do?

The first action you need to do is focus on building your personal credibility.

To establish personal credibility, you need to show a key group of people that you feel their pain. You could write an article, maybe include a bio and perhaps a video. This puts a face to the name and reinforces your personal credibility to speak about the topic.

Next, create a series of emails, again letting them know that you understand their pain and offer solutions that keep them engaged. The intention is not to sell, but to open doors by positioning you as a credible industry expert. You want them to keep your name at the top of their mind.

Finally, have a follow up process in place, to make calls and arrange meetings etc.

Step 2 – Go Niche

You need to build your personal credibility with the right people. So, who are these people? Where are they? You need to work out who your niche target market is.

You need to know i) the industry you want to target ii) the geographical area you want to target, iii) the job roles of the person you are targeting and, most importantly, iv) the pain they are feeling. This establishes your niche.

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When targeting this niche group of people, you need to write article and email content specifically for them.

Create a buyer persona for each of your Niche markets visit out other blog The Importance of Creating a Buyer Persona

Step 3 – Use Emails and LinkedIn

Once you know which niche market you want to impress, and you’ve written content to establish your personal credibility within that market, you now need to share your relevant content to showcase that you feel their pain.

Emails and LinkedIn are great ways of doing this.

Use LinkedIn to connect with your niche and share your content. Show them that you are that industry expert who understands their pain. However, bear in mind that not everybody is on LinkedIn.

Emails are a great way of reinforcing your message to those you’ve connected with on LinkedIn. It’s also a great way of disseminating your knowledge to others who aren’t on there.

We can provide you with email addresses of people in your niche. You can then send them the email series you wrote in Step 1.

If you do this the right way, they might deem you worthy enough to set up a meeting.

Step 4 – Outsource Your Prospecting

Running a business is time-consuming and requires the wearing of many hats. Outsourcing is a valuable tool and we are firm believers in outsourcing as much of the process as possible. As such, once you have developed the three key pieces of content to build your personal credibility – remember, they are:

  1. Create an article
  2. Have an email series
  3. Make sure you follow up

Then you can set about outsourcing the process so your prospecting runs in the background!

Never use automated software to send people connection requests, as this rarely wins favour and can get you banned from LinkedIn.

Our recommendation is to use a VA to connect and message people on your behalf. Get them to send regular emails to the prospects and follow up with appointment requests.

If you need further help Winning New Clients then call us on 01274 965411 for a discovery call

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