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How to Cut Through The Digital Noise to Generate Leads.

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How to Cut Through The Digital Noise to Generate Leads.

Getting noticed and standing out in the digital world can be a challenge. So how do you Cut Through The Digital Noise and Generate Leads?

Well, how about direct mail?

Now, that may sound old-fashioned, but trust me when I say it’s working! According to a recent survey, direct mail is seeing a 32% growth in effectiveness year on year.

Our own experience would appear to corroborate this, as the volume of requests we’ve received for data for direct mail campaigns over the last few months has massively risen!

Done correctly, direct mail is a great way of cutting through the digital noise and getting your product noticed. This makes it a cost-effective method of generating new sales.

Increase Your Customers

Would you like more new customers? Do you want to increase your sales? If so your campaign can only be effective with the right data, and that’s where Data Bubble helps. We provide clean, GDPR compliant data that will help you to generate more leads and achieve more sales.

How to Cut Through The Digital Noise to Generate Leads.

We have created our Top Ten Tips to help create an effective direct mail campaign that will Cut Through The Digital Noise and Generate Leads.

1. Plan your campaign: Have a plan, know your goals, who you want to target, what you want to send and ensure you have an adequate budget. Read our helpful blog on The importance of a marketing plan

2. Know and target your ideal customers: Create a highly targeted campaign, rather than adopting a scatter gun approach

3. Write relevant copy: Ensure your copy is relevant to your audience and connects with them on an emotional level

4. Have a clear call to action: Give clear instructions on what you want them to do next i.e. call, email, or visit your website

5. Check and double check: Check and proof-read your mailing before printing, as mistakes can be costly in both time and money

How to Cut Through The Digital Noise to Generate Leads.

6. Check your timing: Make sure the timing of your direct mailing is in line with your clients’ buying habits.

7. Make it easy to open you direct mailing: This may sound crazy, but if people can’t open your mailing, they are more likely to just throw it away.

8. Follow up: Make sure you follow up your mailing. Call them, connect on social media etc – it will increase your return on investment

9. Measure your results: Make sure you measure the results of your direct mailing and follow-up campaign. That way you can see what the return on your investment is

10. Manage your expectations: Direct mail is one element of your marketing mix. Marketing is about building awareness and creating trust, and that may take more than one communication

If you would like more help with your next direct mailing campaign then visit our home page call us on 01274 965411

Let us be your business partner, helping you to increase your sales!

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