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Beware of Poor Data – You Get What You Pay For

Beware of Poor Data – You Get What You Pay For

“Buy cheap, buy twice” is a phrase I came to learn as a growing Yorkshire lass many a year ago. Sure, the Yorkshire folk have been stereotyped as being reminiscent of the rear end of a floaty “quacking” bird. However, I’d say I’m more “savvy” than tight – in other words, I don’t mind paying more if the quality is worthy.

In the Beginning

I set up Data Bubble 7 years ago with the ethos of “Honesty and Quality”. Steve and I are proud to have carried on this ethos throughout its trading life.

The thing is, we can appreciate the difference between good quality data and poor. Good quality data, when used efficiently, will get you results and keep you on the right side of the law. Poor quality data, on the other hand, will get you frustrated at best and in trouble at worst.

You Get What You Pay For

It’s a cliché, sure, though one that in my experience, is very prevalent within this industry. There’s a reason why good quality data is more expensive than the cheap “Too good to be true” deals. It costs money to collect and to maintain its quality – quite simply, you get what you pay for!

Take a car, for example. If it’s maintained regularly, serviced as advised and cared for during its life, it will likely give its owner many happy, safe years. It will be reliable, getting you from A to B without event in the majority of cases. An unmaintained car will likely be unreliable, suffer breakdowns and might even be unsafe.

Sure, there are costs associated with maintaining a car, though prevention is better than cure. Repairs, breakdown trucks and MOTs can be expensive for an unmaintained car and when the likely lower sale price is factored in … well, I dare say the performance and longevity of the maintained car will pay dividends. When you also factor in the potential consequences of its being unsafe, it sounds prudent to keep it maintained.

Data follows the same principle. Good quality data is regularly maintained through checking and verification processes. Matching and enhancement is carried out and opt-ins are obtained and kept updated. Data is screened against industry files to ensure not only that laws are adhered to, but also that peoples’ wishes are observed. All these processes are undertaken to ensure data is accurate and legally compliant, meaning clients can use it with confidence. However, all these processes cost money to perform.

Your Success is Our Success

Steve and I often band this phrase around at networking meetings – it’s what we believe best defines our business mantra. We haven’t come to get so many loyal repeat clients through the supply of inferior quality data. In fact, we’re so confident in the quality of our data, we guarantee to replace any inaccurate records.

However, our commitment to our clients isn’t limited to simply supplying good quality data with a no quibble replacement guarantee. It’s also borne through honest, independent advice, which we give freely. We’ll happily share the benefit of our experience, such that clients can make informed decisions that best suit their requirements.

So, if you’re offered cheap data, hopefully, this blog gives some indicators regarding the questions you need to be asking. If those answers are unconvincing, proceed with extreme caution, or better still, get in contact with Data Bubble.

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