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Work Placements for Students

Work Placements for Students

Work Placements for Students

Work Placements for Students

As every school and college will know, work placements form an integral part of many a student’s education.

Work placements give students the practical experience which, when coupled with their academic skills, will give them the best chance of gaining meaningful employment post-studies.

T Levels and their Impending Introduction

The rollout of T Levels in 2020 will place a responsibility on the education sector to ensure every vocational and technical programme student finds a work placement during their education. Whilst 2020 may sound like a long time from now, the best way to be prepared for rollout is to be operating in that mindset now.

The Government is encouraging this “early adoption” by giving financial incentives to those who adapt now. Incentives range in value depending on certain factors such as the number of qualifying students and OFSTED ratings, though institutions are invited to apply for funding.

Government Funding through the CDF

The Capacity and Delivery Fund was created earlier this year by the Department for Education, to help fund high quality substantive work placements, in order to help prepare young people for skilled employment. £50 million was invested by the DfE to support post-16 institutions and training providers to deliver this initiative. With this in mind, many schools and colleges are already actively seeking work placements for qualifying students.

How Data Bubble Can Help

Through us, your school / college has access to almost 2 million businesses UK-wide within over 2,000 different industries – everything from abattoirs to zoos.

Target your audience within any given radius of your establishment and any size.

We are experts at putting people in front of their ideal target audience and have been helping educational institutions reach their audience for almost 10 years.

So, whether you’re looking to target businesses for work placements, or parents of teenagers (to attract new students), we’re able to supply you with clean, targeted, GDPR compliant data to assist you.

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