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Get New Clients Now! Business-to-business Data Packages

Business-to-business Data Packages

Get New Clients Now! Business-to-business Data Packages

Get New Clients Now with Business-to-business Data Packages

Do you want more new clients?

Do you want a discounted price for your data?

If so, you could benefit from one of Data Bubble’s BUSINESS TO BUSINESS Data Packages.

Benefits to You

The package you choose not only represents great value for money, but also opens up a raft of benefits

  • Easy to dip into “prospect pool”
  • Relieves the pressure of having to call all the records at once
  • Amend your criteria each time you draw down data, to target companies specific to the current campaign
  • Helps you to manage regular campaigns
  • Helps you to get new business
  • Means you use only the freshest data for each campaign
  • Aids with compliance
  • Cost benefit – every package represents a discount off the list price
Telephone Sales
Telephone Sales
Your ideal package is below:
5,000 record 10% discount – This package is ideal for companies with a smaller sales & marketing team. The volume will allow for regular campaigns throughout the year.
10,000 record 15% discount – This package is ideal if you are planning a series of campaigns for your sales team.
25,000 record 20% discount – Ideal if you have a large, hungry sales team to please. Your team can get to work driving more sales without fear of running out of good quality data.

About the Business Data Lists

Your data comes from our Comprehensive Database which contains the Senior Decision Maker.
It is then telephone verified on a rolling 12 monthly basis, to ensure accuracy.
A few points to note:
  • The database contains approximately 1.7 million business records
  • All records come with the name & job title of the senior contact on site
  • You can select the data on industry, size and geographical location
  • Data fields output as standard are: Company name, address, name and job title of the senior contact, website, industry, number of employees and turnover bandings, callable telephone number and / or email address (as appropriate)
  • The data we supply to you is GDPR compliant*
  • Telephone data is Telephone Preference Service register (TPS / CTPS) screened before being output
  • The maximum number of emails you are permitted to send to any email address is 12 emails within any 12-month term, with no email to be sent sooner than 6 days after the previous one.
  • We send the data to you in an Excel spreadsheet via a secure file share process. We use only the best possible data protection methods

Our Quality Pledge gives you peace of mind. We replace any postal returns, dead telephone lines or hard bounce emails

For more information call us NOW on 01274 965411 or email [email protected] to discuss YOUR requirements

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