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What’s your motivation?

What’s your motivation?

I read an article in a magazine recently – it was a sports magazine and the article was regarding how to get over the motivational dips that we all get from time to time.

Whilst some of the tips were aimed directly at the issues faced by athletes, such as cold weather outside, dark early evenings etc, many issues were general and even those directly related to the sport could be easily tweaked to fit other walks of life, such as business.

We all suffer from motivational dips – post-lunch “graveyard shifts”, Monday morning blues etc – so how do you get over yours, assuming you do? Let me recant some of the suggestions posted within the magazine, as well as a couple of my own.

1- Know your goals – Be clear of what your ultimate goal is. If practical, hang a picture on the wall above your desk – may be your dream home at the seaside, or maybe a sports car. Then set yourself mini-goals, or stepping stones, to give yourself bite-size chunks on your path to achieving that goal.

2- Visualise success – Take 5 minutes to sit back in a chair and close your eyes, then picture yourself as a success. Maybe it’s wearing an Italian suit, sitting inside your dream home, holidaying with the family or surveying your newly purchased perfect business premises. Visualising success helps re-focus your mind on what you’re aiming towards.

3- Plan your strategy – Create time scales for certain milestones to guide you along the path. With these, you can measure your performance to see if you’re on track or not. Use this guide to motivate you to work harder – if you’re ahead of plan then you can achieve your goals more quickly and if you’re behind, think of how to get ahead.

4- Reward yourself – When you achieve a milestone, or a mini-goal, reward yourself and others who have helped achieve it. Little carrots can help motivate people, so make sure you follow through on rewarding when the carrots have been caught!

5- Be flexible – Variety is the spice of life, so mix it up a little. Stay tuned into the constant, the necessary if you like, however, think of ways that might be a little different from the norm. This keeps it fresh and interesting and helps remove monotony from the daily routine.

6- Maintain a positive circle – Keep the negative people you know at arm’s length and surround yourself as much as you possibly can in positivity. The encouragers, the believers, the doers all help motivate, rather than the whingers and moaners and the “it’ll never work” types who bring things down.

7- Monitor progress – Keep a track of where you’re at along the path and review, then adjust plans/time scales accordingly if need be. Make sure you keep the goals challenging, though realistic, otherwise you’ll risk losing interest through either complacency or lack of belief.

8- Get off your backside and do it – Don’t stop at talking about it, do it. Starting a project can often be the most difficult part, however, once you start, you often find it becomes easier as things fall into place and often you can find yourself addicted.

So there you go. What do you think? I have my goals firmly implanted. Steve and I have big plans for Data Bubble over and above selling business data lists, email address lists and the like. There’s more to Data Bubble (and life, for that matter) than Data Cleansing and marketing lists!

I’m sure there are plenty of other ways to stay motivated and I welcome everyone’s ideas. Please feel free to share them by responding either directly to me or Steve, or through one of the social media sites I have posted on. Your views are always welcomed.

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