Take Advantage Of Opportunities Presented

Take Advantage Of Opportunities Presented

I often wonder how many opportunities I lose by not knowing that something is happening. I also wonder how to prevent missing such opportunities – is it possible to find out in advance of an upcoming event, for example? Let me explain……

Last week was National Apprenticeship week. Luckily, we found out about it, although purely by chance as it happens. However, as a list broker, it paid us to know about it, because what we did was contact some local colleges with a view to helping them create a direct marketing campaign.

We guessed that the colleges would want to promote both their college and their students to the local business community for apprenticeships and the like. Sure enough, they did, and we managed to gain some good business from it. Furthermore, our name is hopefully now implanted within those colleges, such that they’ll remember us for any future campaigns. With any luck, they’ll talk to other colleges and maybe spread the Data Bubble word!

It really pays to know about such upcoming occasions, initiatives, topical news stories even (after all, who’d argue the sense in a butcher promoting beef right now?), as they can present real opportunities to get yourself noticed and drum up some business. For us, it can be a double bubble (no pun intended), as not only can we turn such knowledge to our advantage by self-promoting, but we can also help others promote themselves using our direct marketing services. We are, after all, that butcher, except instead of promoting beef, we’re promoting our email lists, mailing lists and telemarketing lists! (by the way, any butchers out there had better start preparing for Great British Beef Week 21-27 April)

So, do you think about such so-called “Awareness weeks” when considering your lead generation plans? Try scouring the internet as I have – there’s no one calendar, as such, however there are some useful websites with some listings in there that you may be able to turn to your advantage!

By the way, we are now in the midst of the National Science and Engineering week, which runs until 24 March…..a prequel to the much anticipated “Star Wars Day” – May the 4th (be with you……)

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