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What are Data Brokers?

what are data brokers

What are Data Brokers?

What are Data Brokers and how can they help increase your customer base?

Data brokers (also known as list brokers, data providers or data suppliers) are independent companies that supply B2B data and consumer data for clients’ marketing campaigns.


Why do data brokers exist?

Data brokers source the most appropriate mailing lists from any list owner, based on your requirements. With so many different mailing lists available, they save you time and resources trying to find those perfect mailing lists.

Is it legal to use a Data Broker?

Absolutely. See the current legislation.

What benefits are there to using data brokers? Why not go direct?

Data brokers offer the entire mailing list market to you. Whereas list owners can only provide the list they manage, so it may not be the ideal solution for your marketing campaign.

What’s makes Data Bubble different?

Data Bubble was set up in 2009 with the ethos of honesty and quality

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