Time to Refresh?

Time to Refresh?

I have dogs – two 35kg Rhodesian Ridgebacks! They need a lot of exercise, as you might imagine, so each and every day starts with an hour’s walk for me.

I’m lucky, in that I live in a small village in the suburbs, very close to a golf course, reservoir and numerous fields. The dogs know that every morning will involve visiting these parts, maybe chasing a few squirrels and ducks (or more to the point, being chased by them!!), maybe being called back from chasing a golf ball as it flies past them, or maybe just sauntering along next to each other. Hopefully the weather’s nice, otherwise they may get a bit wet and muddy – still, thankfully they’re short haired, so they’re pretty much self-cleaning!

I can’t even begin to tell you how refreshing this is – to start every day in such a way! It really helps clear the mind, so when I get back I can crack on head first into the day ahead.

In a similar vein, whenever I need ten / twenty minutes time out, I can grab the dog leads, hook them up and set off to the cricket field for a couple of laps of brain out time. They’re only too willing and for me, it’s just a nice escape. The joys of working so remotely, with the dogs around me 24/7, is such a blessing!

So, how do you take time out? How do you grab a breather? Do you even bother?

If we were to believe those researchers, the most productive time of the day is early morning. If we were to further believe them, regular breaks are essential to long term productivity. Simply working from 7am to 7pm will cause rapid burn out and both you and your business will suffer!

It’s clear that we need to take advantage of all best practices out there, especially the ones that are proven to work ….. Ensuring your batteries are sufficiently charged to manage the workloads placed on you is essential to managing your health. Likewise, ensuring your business optimises its opportunities is essential to managing its health.

Just as with the dogs, we all need to refresh once in a while. The same applies to your business database, as it too can get weary! As we all do, your database ages and as it does, its accuracy decreases. People move, change information and unfortunately, die too. All these occurrences weaken the effectiveness of your database marketing.

This is where Data Bubble can help …..

Cleansing data brings your database – your mailing list, if you like – up to date by replacing old addresses with new, removing deceased records and also screens for Telephone / Fax Preferences (TPS / FPS), to ensure your direct marketing exercise doesn’t fall foul of regulations. It saves time and money on your direct marketing by cutting down wasted expense on mailing / calling out of date records and furthermore, it doesn’t cost the earth!

Why not contact Joanne at Data Bubble Consultancy Limited on 01274 483936 or email [email protected] to find out more about how your business could benefit from a database cleaning refresh!

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