Telemarketing – Tips to help you succeed

Telemarketing – Tips to help you succeed

Here are a few Top tips for successful telemarketing campaign.

Gain an immediate interest from the customer.

You only have a few moments to make a good impression so think of two or three sentences that have the wow factor that gain their attention and interest as quickly as possible. Also at this point don’t assume customers need something – questions comes later.

Keep it simple

You are more likely to succeed if the customer fully understands what you are offering. So keep your reason for the call clear and to the point quickly and effectively.

Talk naturally and be yourself.

People respond better when the telemarketer talks naturally i.e. Not reading a set script.


Practicing will allow you to be word perfect rather than stumbling over your words or come across like you’re reading from a script. This will help you gain confidence and this confidence will show through.

Be prepared

Some telephone marketers put the phone down when faced with an awkward question losing the opportunity to present, be prepared and have the answers ready. If you don’t know then don’t make it up, explain that you will get back to them with more details.

Make notes

Make notes that will help ‘jog’ your memory, not only for future questions but also if the client makes a request. There is nothing worse than having to call the client back to go over the full details again following a great conversation.

Do not insult the customer

You would think it’s obvious but the amount of rude calls I receive is unbelievable. Would you buy from someone who insults you?

Be professional

Be friendly but not overly friendly, be concerned about them and assure them that you will do what you say you are going to do. This builds up trust and trust goes a long way.

Above all listen

Nothing worse than talking to someone whos not listening i.e. typing or talking to someone else.

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