Right First Time …… Wherever Possible

Right First Time …… Wherever Possible

Our new marketing literature incorporates our new “Campaign for Clean Data in Marketing” motif, incorporated into which is the slogan “Right First Time”. However, whilst we and many other companies strive to do just that, i.e. get it right first time, what about when things are anything but right first time? What then? Should we allow things to be put right and judge on the final result, or has the vote already been cast?

Case Study 1 – Microsoft or Sony?

It can’t have escaped many people’s attention (particularly anyone with children who already own a games console or are “of that age”) that the so-called “Next-Generation” of gaming consoles are about to be released by the two multi-national giants in the field, Sony and Microsoft. Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One will hit the shelves just in time for the Christmas rush, starting the war for sales figures across the globe.

Now for any of you who, like myself, are lovers of gaming consoles, you’ll most likely be aware that (in typical US Election style pre-event sparring) the first round in the pre-launch hype ended with Microsoft pretty much shooting themselves in the foot. Sony didn’t even really need to say anything at their launch, since Microsoft made the first move and alienated a lot of people with their proposals, which included needing to be permanently connected to the internet, not allowing independent games developers to “do their thing”, not to mention the massive price point making it the most expensive games console ever. It’s fair to say that Microsoft did anything but get it right first time.

Sony’s initial announcement, on the other hand, ran as smooth as clockwork – lower price, developers welcome, faster processor – they had all the aces and stole the show.

So What Happened Next?

Well, quite simply, Microsoft listened. In my opinion, they had no choice, since their initial announcements had been nothing short of disastrous. Many of their closest allies – lifelong Microsoft buyers, pro-Microsoft magazines etc. – were in disbelief at what seemed to be almost dictatorial “Big Brother” style attempts to control peoples’ actions. However, as I say, Microsoft listened.

The juggernaut that is without doubt one of the world’s biggest and most valuable companies …… changed their mind. They swallowed their pride and in a truly political style U-turn, they back-tracked. They openly admitted their mistakes and made significant changes – ok, not to the price, but you can’t have everything (at least now if it’s pre-ordered, you get a game download included – FIFA 14, I believe – which, given the price point is likely to be £50 or more, does make the price a little more palatable). The so-called “War” is back on……

Case Study 2 – The Daily Mail

I’m not going to go too deeply into this, since politics is best left to other people as far as I’m concerned. However, this last week or so has been (and I choose my word carefully) “Difficult” for The Daily Mail. Unlike Microsoft, The Daily Mail took a completely different stance and simply dug their heels in. No matter how ferocious the barrage, they stood firm. Don’t get me wrong, it’s their prerogative, however at some point in time they may ask themselves whether or not they feel they did the right thing. I’ll leave it there!

So then … Forgive and Forget or Not?

I’m not sure who will win the “Next-Gen War” as it’s commonly referred to in gaming circles – whether Sony already has it in the bag thanks to Microsoft’s initial mess-up or if Microsoft has done enough to win back the hearts of their fan base – nevertheless time will tell.

Right First Time is, in my opinion, without doubt the best way. However, if things don’t go to plan first time, then you can – and in business terms (again, my opinion) MUST – do your best to rectify them quickly to the best of your ability. If you do this successfully, you will retain trust in your product / service / brand. If, on the other hand, you choose to stand firm, you run a very serious risk of making things significantly worse, very quickly, particularly in this age of social media.

Final Thought

Data Bubble makes every effort to get it Right First Time and without blowing our own trumpet, we have a great record in this respect. That said, sometimes things aren’t as they should be, in which case our clients experience a different side of our customer service – a side that puts things right. We listen. We care. We don’t hide behind Terms and Conditions. As we often say, our clients’ success is our success.

I take my hat off to Microsoft for swallowing their pride, although I’m still unsure as to which, if any, next-gen console will be gracing the shelf under my TV this Christmas.

As for The Daily Mail, I haven’t bought a newspaper for quite a few years. Let’s just say my purchasing habits won’t be changing!

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