Looking for new business? Start with a plan

Looking for new business? Start with a plan

It’s the start of a new week and like most people we like to start the week with a plan which we strive to stick to, if not exceed.

I was mulling over this very subject with a colleague at the fabulous networking event last week. My colleague made the very valid point that planning the details is all very well as long as you are not losing sight of the bigger picture.

Good point, well made, I thought, and it is exactly this ‘bigger picture’ that we address within our sales consultancy service.

Keeping on Top of your Sales & Marketing Activity

Marketing, as we all know is a fundamental part of running a business – it’s also one of the most time-consuming, and often gets relegated to the back burner whilst we are already consumed with delivering what we do best.

As our regular readers will know, the main thrust of our business is in providing reliable data to assist our clients with finding new business. However, a data list works best when it is part of a structured marketing campaign. Formulating and implementing a campaign can be a big challenge but one that can maximise results.

Making the Most of your Sales & Marketing

Here at Data Bubble, we can help with all aspects of your marketing campaigns. The benefits include:

  • On-site services starting from half a day
  • Sales & Marketing advice
  • Creating a sales and marketing strategy
  • Designing direct marketing campaigns
  • Training you and your staff in all aspects of marketing your business
  • Delivering marketing tasks on your behalf

It’s like having an extra member of your team working hard to ensure your marketing investment leads to new business and gives you a significant return on your investment, like our client who recently reported a £42,000 return for just £1,500 investment, without all the expense of a dedicated employee.

So, if you sometimes struggle to keep on top of all your sales and marketing activities, or are unsure as to how to achieve the best results, our expertise can help you get the best results. Come and chat to us about:

  • Sales & marketing planning
  • Direct marketing campaigns
  • Social media tips and advice
  • Networking
  • Telephone follow ups.

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