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Newsletter from Data Bubble. March 2014

Newsletter from Data Bubble. March 2014

This Month’s Newsletter!

Well as I sit here typing this, looking at the 24 roses I received for Valentine’s Day (I won’t say who from!!!), I’m thinking the nights are getting lighter and spring is just around the corner. Bring it on, that’s all I can say.

I know Steve’s desperate for the clocks to go forward, so he can get some evening cycling in. yes, the tight so and so still hasn’t bought any lights that would enable him to ride at night – Yorkshire men – I ask you!!!

Anyway, here’s to a great March for your business…..please read on! We hope you enjoy our newsletters and welcome any comments… Call Joanne or Steve on 01274 483936 / 01274 542379

Data Bubble News updates

Doggy Bubble Blues

Before you start thinking I’ve gone “soft in t’ed”, Doggy Bubble isn’t a name I’ve come up with, but that others on social media have given to the dogs, since we posted about their poor fortunes last month. Many of you will know we have three Rhodesian Ridgebacks….well February was a bad month for two of them!

Poor Zamzam came back from a walk in the woods with a rather nasty and deep cut across her paw, so she had to have stitches. Being 18 months old means she’s towing the company line by being bubbly, or bouncy (Tigger would have been a great name with hindsight!), so you can imagine how difficult it’s been with her having short lead walks only for a fortnight, coupled with a sock and buster collar. See how happy she is….

Just as we’d got Zamzam stitched up, we noticed a lump on Abuto’s neck. After a worrying but thankfully short period, the vet confirmed it was benign but due to its being positioned by her jugular vein, recommended removal. The operation, I’m pleased to say, was a success. Nevertheless looking at Abuto, who is also on lead walks for a fortnight, she’s not a happy doggy, refusing to pose for the camera….

Seminar Season is Back!!!

Having successfully delivered some well received seminars and presentations last year, the first such seminar for 2014 will take place on 19 March at City Hub in Little Germany. Joanne and David will be sharing tips and advice on how to make the most of your direct marketing campaign.

This unmissable presentation will include how to best use your existing client base, how to target new clients, how to choose the right data list and lots of other useful advice right through to delivering the campaign. It is sure to be of huge benefit to anybody who owns a business or is responsible for generating sales.

Contact Joanne or David on 01274 483936 for more information.

This Month’s Special Offer… The White Collar Workers Database

We’re always looking to improve our customers’ experience of using our services and one such way is to run a monthly special offer on one of our databases. Such offers will be notified within our monthly newsletters, as well as on the prices page of our website.

This month, we are pleased to offer 25% discount on the White Collar Workers Database.

This applies to all orders of 5,000 records or more for name, address, telephone and email address on a 12 month multi-use license. It is priced at £172.50 per 1,000 (usually £230 per 1,000)

Offer applies to all orders completed within the month of March. Prepayment is required. Price excludes VAT, which is chargeable. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or discounts.

And finally…Well Done Team GB

Final thought goes to Team GB, who (with minimal funding) brought back 4 medals from Sochi during the Winter Olympics – it was fantastic to watch and we at Bubble Towers are extremely proud of them. Well done to you all….

As we always openly state that we welcome all feedback, good or bad, whether it relates to data supplied, our newsletters or other contact, us individually or as a company. Seriously, the only way we can ever hope to get better is through client feedback, so please keep it coming.

Speak soon

Joanne, Steve & David

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