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National Poetry Day – Ode To Finding New Customers

National Poetry Day – Ode To Finding New Customers

The holidays are over and the kids are back at school

You can pack away your shorts, ‘cos the next break brings tides of Yule

We’re heading towards winter – No more sunshine, only snow

Thoughts turn to next year’s holidays and planning where to go

The same applies in business – Next year’s planning starts right now

Keep costs to a minimum and increase sales somehow

So, how to find new customers and reach sales targets set

Yellow Pages, Thomson Local, or the internet……

Well, using such directories is untargeted and crass

Not knowing who to ask for makes you look like a right ass

Plus, think how useful it might be to know turnover size

Or how many people work there, or the person’s name that buys!

To have a list like that to hand before you make your call

Means that when they answer, you can say “Hi, could I speak to….. Paul”

You won’t waste time or money, which would otherwise cause trouble

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