Marketing Agencies – It’s about how good your list is

Marketing Agencies – It’s about how good your list is

Speaking of lists, I came across an interesting quote this week by the writer Umberto Eco, who said; ‘We like lists because we don’t want to die’. Steve concurs with Mr Eco’s assertion (being the organised, list-maker that he is, as it allows him to tick off what is required and then really get out and enjoy life while he can).

I have a slightly different approach. Although I am in complete agreement about do what is required and then live life, I think my quote on the subject would be along the lines of ‘We like lists because they help us with getting the right message to the right person at the right time and then get out and enjoy yourself before it’s too late!!!

Where Marketing Agencies Need Data Lists

We work for a number of marketing agencies across the UK, primarily providing them (and thus their clients) with targeted data lists. Quite often, marketing agencies do not have an in-house data specialist and find themselves using up valuable resources in trying to find the right data lists for their clients and their campaigns.

Data Bubble offers marketing agencies a comprehensive service that gives them the most accurate data lists that will produce maximum results for their clients’ direct marketing campaigns such as email, direct mail, market research, telemarketing or SMS broadcasting.

Where Marketing Agencies Need Data Bubble

Agencies rely on us to provide a top-drawer service to help them look great in front of their clients, so that their clients trust them with fantastic results generated, their clients come back with more work.

Expertise – Industry knowledge goes a long way when it comes to saving time and resources. We do all the research and the pass on all the possible options to the agency, who can then present this in confidence to their clients.

Trust – A marketing agency wants to work with a company that is completely independent; that they can rely on to go out and find the most accurate data for the client.

Tick-tock – Time is money in any business, but for an agency, spending all that time contacting different list owners, explaining the brief and correlating the results squanders time and resources of agency staff that could be better used elsewhere. Not only do we provide this service but we provide it promptly.

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