Colleges use Targeted Data to Attract Students

Colleges use Targeted Data to Attract Students

How Colleges are using Targeted Data to Attract Students

I was asked by a colleague at a Networking event this week about the industries we most commonly work with. She was mildly surprised when I told her about our work with colleges across the UK. ‘Why would a college need to purchase data?’ she asked.

Hmmmn – interesting question and one well worth blogging about, as it may resonate with other businesses – so here we go!


Colleges need B2C data

Data Bubble supply accurate and targeted data which allows colleges to promote themselves to parents of teenagers in their local area. Added to which it allows them to promote their courses and apprenticeship schemes, as well as open evenings and events.

As with all educational establishments, budgets have to be very carefully managed. Having the right kind of data means that:

  • Only relevant, most likely to be interested people are contacted. It is possible to target data by specific age groups (of both adults and children), postcodes or even a radius from the college.
  • Awareness of the college is increased, thus helping meet recruitment targets.
  • Response rate is maximised and much more effective than a scattergun approach.
  • Compliance with the Data Protection Act and third party opt-ins are guaranteed.

All these factors give colleges the best chance of campaign success in a way that is most cost effective.


Colleges need B2B data

Colleges are always on the look-out for local businesses to promote both apprenticeship schemes and work-placement schemes to. It is important that the colleges build strong relationships with business owners in their area. We help them to pinpoint their ideal businesses by supplying lists that:

  • Save the colleges time and resources in not having to create their own lists from public directories (which quite often do not yield all the information required, i.e. the ideal contact’s name).
  • Ensure they do not breach the terms and conditions of such directories, which often prohibit their use for marketing purposes.
  • Save money by excluding any existing contact databases (so they are not buying data twice).
  • Allow them to specifically target their ideal businesses with a tailored message, maximising return on investment.

Reputation Building

Colleges, as with any business, need to preserve their reputation, and one of the things that have made us successful in working with them is being able to guarantee the quality of our data (we replace any postal returns) and ensure it is compliant with legislation… Not forgetting the high standard of customer service we pride ourselves on!

More info can be found on our colleges and universities page

Wolverhampton College said: ‘Their data was accurate and their service excellent. I would have no hesitation in recommending them’, which is not only lovely to hear, is also pretty much what inspires Steve and I to get out of bed of a morning.

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