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Where and When do you Market your Business?

Where and When do you Market your Business?

Further to last week’s blog about planning your marketing strategy, we thought it might be useful to talk a bit more about how to meet new contacts and prospects.

market your business

Here at Bubble Towers, one of Steve’s very important jobs for the New Year is to research any themes, events, roadshows and seminars that will be attended by people we would like to market to. This then turns into our ‘events calendar’, an unprepossessing little document on the face of it, but one that allows us to fine-tune and target our marketing activities effectively.

Walking the Talk

As we all know, networking and its associations with brand and relationship building are an important part of a marketing strategy. Any industry related events can be a very good way of meeting possible new clients and for increasing your brand awareness and reach. For example, National Self Build Week from 3 – 10 May might be useful for developers, finance providers and architects. Or how about Global Entrepreneurship Week from 18-24 November? These events will be great for anyone who offers services to start-up businesses.

Whether you are attending an event as a visitor or as a stall holder, you are bound to come away with a whole raft of new business cards and you can then start building a rapport with those people.

It Needn’t Be Your Own Industry

Google is a wonderful tool. With this single tool alone, you can find out all the “themed weeks”, for want of a better way of putting it, that you can plan your marketing strategy around. There’s lots out there – trust me – all waiting to be taken advantage of!

For instance, the National Science and Engineering Week takes place between 14 and 23 March. Now think, “can I market my business to this sector?” If the answer is yes, then plan ahead to do so – a mailshot the month before, an email campaign in the weeks running up to it, and finally maybe attending……get the picture?

Yoda-like pearls of wisdom

Our regular readers will know that we ‘bang on’ constantly about getting ‘the right message, to the right people, at the right time’! However, we do this because it is the most efficient use of your marketing budget, with the best possible ROI. And so increase your bottom line, it will.

market your business

With that in mind, why not spend a little time researching events and seminars that are pertinent to your business growth and get them in your calendar now? Add to your marketing mix for 2014 a little ‘Getting Involved, Getting Around and Getting Ahead!’

Don’t forget – for more marketing tips for your business see our Help & Advice pages or call us on 01274 483936 for a free no-obligation discussion about how Data Bubble can help you find more business.

Steve thinks he has many Yoda-like qualities. It is true he is very smart and undoubtedly knows his onions, but I think the similarities with Yoda begin and end with his ears!

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