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How many SALES are you missing?

How many SALES are you missing?

When was the last time you looked at your database to see how up to date it is?

1 year ago, 2 or perhaps even more?…

My database is always up to date I hear you cry!!!!

Did you know the average database decays by 37% per year??

So really how up to date is your data? but more importantly…

How many sales are you missing?

As companies start to grow they gather more and more records. These records could be collected from various sources such as networking, web enquires and bought in lists to name but a few.

Some of these records will have turned in to customers, some new some lapsed, but most of these records will be prospects…

As you know it’s a lot easier to concentrate and keep your existing customers up to date as you are regular contact with them… however what about the lapsed customers and the large list of prospects … Keeping in touch with all these people can be very hard work…

There are many reasons for the prospect list to go out of date such as

  • People’s lives change
    • They move jobs,
    • They move house
    • or worst of all people die
  • Things change
    • Companies merge
    • Companies move or stop trading
    • telephone numbers change, post codes change.

So what happens if you don’t keep your data up to date?

Productivity reduces from your sales people being unable to contact the right person

  • Frustration builds from calling wrong or dead numbers
  • Money is wasted sending information to the wrong person or the wrong place
  • Time is wasted handling complaints, returned mail
  • Brand reputation is lost sending letters someone who’s died

Most of all the opportunity for a SALE is missed

This is why keeping your data is paramount to the success of your sales and marketing campaigns.

My recommendation is to cleanse your database at least twice a year… this ensures that your sales and marketing campaigns are fully maximized not only saving you time & money but ensuring you do not miss out on the opportunity for a sale

Data Bubble can help to update and maintain your records… why not call for a free data quality report – we will give you a full report advising the improvements that can be made along with the costs.

If you have any questions about data cleaning the please contact Joanne

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