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Data capture – What is Data Capture?

Data capture – What is Data Capture?

I often go to networking events and see people collecting vast number of business cards.. and I often wonder what happens to the cards collected …Will they be sat on a desk for a while, be put in a business card wallet or simply thrown away?

This brings me on to my blog topic Data Capture –

So what is data capture?…

Data capture is the process of converting paper documents such as business cards, order forms, customer surveys into meaningful usable information that allows companies to have easy access to usable information.. Not only paper information but also information from web sites or micro feich or scanned documents.

Why do people need to data capture?

As you know customer information is an asset to any company, customer name address, items purchased, amount spent, etc however if this information isn’t in a user friendly format it will hinder future analysis and campaigns for example you can’t do a mailing campaign or analyse customer buying patters from a paper list. Easily accessible information that will help you get do more analysis and plan further activities.

So why companies outsource data capture work? People don’t often have the time to enter the information manually so it gets left, or they cant afford the money to recruit staff especially when its a one off or a seasonal job or sometimes the work is time critical for example a closing date for a competition.

That’s why we provide a data capture service that allows you to receive back a valuable information that allows you to work on the information captured but also saves you time and money doing it yourself.

So what can we capture?

There’s a whole variety of different documents and images we can capture such as – Application forms, Web information, Survey/Research Forms, Warranty Cards/Customer Satisfaction Cards, Questionnaires, Directories, Mailing Lists, Catalogues/ Manuals, Patient Records, Insurance Claims, Accounting and Book Keeping, Library Records, … and many more

What information can we captured and from where?

There a variety of information that can be captured such as simple name address to complex statistics and from a number of different sources such as Handwritten Documents, Printed Documents, Scanned Images, Web sites, Existing database etc

How secure is our process?

Your information is handled in a profession, securely and confidential way. We understand that no matter what the information is, it’s VERY important to you.

If you would like to find out more about Data Bubbles Data Capture service then please contact us on 0845 076 6302 for more detail

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