How Colleges are using targeted mailing lists

Colleges are using Targeted Mailing Lists.

How Colleges are using targeted mailing lists

Colleges regularly utilise a variety of different marketing techniques to spread the word about the college. The trick lies in knowing which method is going to perform the best for your college within your available budget.

Display banners, social media, advertisements and the like deliver your message to a wide number of people. However, how many of those people are actually of interest to your college?

Here are 3 different ways Colleges are using targeted mailing lists

Colleges are using targeted mailing lists to

Engage with parents, NEET’s and the local business community.

Increase Your Customers

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How Colleges are using Targeted Mailing Lists.

Colleges are using Targeted Mailing Lists to Engage With Parents & NEET’s

Many parents have an influence over their child’s education. As such promoting your college directly to parents is an ideal way of gaining accessing both the children and their parents.

A targeted email marketing list delivers your message directly to the parents of schoolchildren.

In addition, we can also target NEETs (16 – 24 year olds Not in Education, Employment or Training) and businesses local to the college.

This is a superbly efficient use of budget, with the highest return on investment.

We can provide the following details:

  • Full Name (for under 18s, the parent’s name is supplied)
  • Address

Data can be selected on:

  • Location (postcode or radius of college)
  • Year of child

Making specific selections ensures you receive a targeted mailing list that will maximise your time and budget, ensuring your campaign is a success.

How Colleges are using Targeted Mailing Lists.

Colleges are using Targeted Mailing Lists to Engage with the Business Community

With the publication of the Government’s white paper Skills for Jobs never before has a college’s engagement with its business community been so vital to its success.

To success the colleges need to put employers at the heart of the education system, ensuring that future training requirements leads to jobs and fill skills gaps. To do this colleges need to engage with local businesses and build lasting relationships.

As well as attracting new students through the promotion of courses to local businesses, as well as finding work placements and apprenticeships for existing students, is a key role.

Using targeted mailing lists the colleges can keep in regular and consistent communication with the business community and promote college successes.

One Stop Shop

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