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On Yer Bike – and Get your Direct Marketing in Gear!

On Yer Bike – and Get your Direct Marketing in Gear!

It has probably not escaped your attention that the mighty Tour De France is coming to Yorkshire this July. At Data Bubble, we are awash with excitement and anticipation about it. As keen cyclists (we have been pedalling a lot this weekend) we have been eagerly awaiting the event, and have chosen our vantage point to view ‘le peloton’ go by. Steve is particularly excited as he is awaiting delivery of his new carbon fibre ‘steed’, custom made in Italy and with an excruciating 6 week delivery time, he’s crossing everything including unmentionables in the hope it arrives in time (Steve hasn’t said, but I just know that when he pictures himself on his new bike, he’s wearing a yellow jersey or, as the TDF fraternity would call it, a maillot jaune!)

The arrival of the Tour De France in the region has many advantages for the local economy. There are opportunities aplenty to market your business to the influx of visitors that ‘Le Tour’ will inevitably bring. However, it’s not just the visitors – there are many ways to take advantage of this incredible sporting event that can help give your brand a positive ‘spin’.

The Yellow Jersey of Direct Marketing

I read an article recently in the Telegraph and Argus that exemplified someone using their noggin and taking advantage of the Tour De France visiting Yorkshire. Iain Johnson from MTB Cycle Yorkshire heads up a company that runs guided mountain bike trail rides and skills courses. The company has taken advantage of Le Tour and is running ‘Le off-road de Yorkshire’ tours on the weekend of Le Grand Depart. They are even opening the rides to non-bike owning folk and will provide cycles.

Although mountain biking and road cycling are vastly different disciplines there is obviously a shared passion. MTB is astute in using the high profile of Le Tour De France to promote their own brand and create a legacy of interest and involvement long after the dust from the last TDF support vehicle has settled. A bit like getting a tow in a headwind from your peloton!

The Green Jersey of the Sprinter

There are now only 59 days left before Le Grand Depart. However, that’s still 59 days to create a marketing strategy that could link your business with the benefits of such a huge sporting event visiting Yorkshire, together with the strong and lasting legacy we all hope it will leave.

If your business needs help in identifying relevant sales and marketing opportunities, please get in touch for a no-obligation discussion.

On Yer Bike!

Whether it’s on-road or off-road, cycling is a great way to get fit, stay fit, and enjoy the amazing countryside we live in. It’s great to see the emergence of these ‘alternative’ sports into the mainstream consciousness – long may it continue. C’mon – grab yourself a bike – it’s great fun!

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