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Email Marketing Tips – Headlines that Get Your Email Read

email marketing headlines

Email Marketing Tips – Headlines that Get Your Email Read

According to Hubspot 35% of email recipients open an email based on the subject line alone. Read the following Tips

In fact, some say this figure can be as much as 42%!

This means that your subject line has a massive job to do! They can be the make or break your campaign

The subject line should capture the imagination of the reader, it should be short concise, and easy for the reader to decide whether they want to continue to read.

Here are a few pointers for writing great subject lines

  • Make it relevant – Let the subject line describe what’s in the content of the email.
  • Get Personal – Include the recipient’s name or company name.
  • KISS – keep it short and simple. Include just enough information to entice the reader to open and read on.
  • Intrigue – Create intrigue to entice the reader to want more
  • Stand Out – Use numbers or symbols to indicate urgency

To help you create Fantastic Email Headlines I have created with an eBook – Killer email campaign subject headlines that Get Emails Opened – Grab your free copy here

Remember your email marketing campaign is only as good as the data you hold. So you have to ensure the data you hold is accurate and up to date.

see our guide on Buying Mailing Lists.

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