Do You Want a List of Parents?

Do You Want a List of Parents?

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The Parents Database

All our parents data supplied by Data Bubble is ACTUAL DATA, i.e. there is no profiled data (profiled data is data which assumes the existence of children based on various demographics such as age of adults, location, socio-economic group etc.) It is all fully opted in for third party marketing.

The companies that contribute toward the file including insurance, mail order, magazine, holiday companies etc. plus warranty, competition, & website surveys. From this, a List of Parents is created from which we can select household demographics such as geography and age of child. This Parents Database is ideal for schools and colleges, in order for them to promote their courses, events and open evenings.

Details available:

  • Full Name (of parent)
  • Address

Data can be selected on:

  • Location (5, 10, 15 miles radius )
  • Age of child
  • Household income
  • Homeowner status

Are You Looking to do Multiple Mailings Throughout the Year?

If so, we can supply multiple use lists at much reduced costs. PLUS you receive a fresh mailing list for each subsequent mailshot, ensuring you only ever mail to current parents. Not only does this save you money (reduction of wasted printing and mailing costs), it saves you time too (reduction of time spent manually cleaning lists). It also ensures your college conveys a professional and caring image within your local community.

Do You Need Printing and Postage Too?

We work alongside a print and mail company, who offer discounted rates to colleges. They can take your artwork and create your ideal brochure / postcard, to your complete specification, and post it on your behalf. They also offer Mailsort, which allows you to benefit from drastically reduced mailing costs (savings of 50% or more).

If this is of interest, they can supply you with a quote directly for you to compare with others if you wish. Many of our existing clients find this “one-stop-shop” approach ideal, since it takes all the stress away from you.

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