Direct mailing – Tips to help you update your international records.

Direct mailing – Tips to help you update your international records.

Having been contacted by a number of universities this month who are planning fundraising direct mailing campaigns to their alumni / past students I felt that this was a great topic for this weeks blog … Direct mailing – tips to help update your international records.

Many companies are contacting people or companies outside of the UK – with trade barriers come down trading becomes easier. Howevers its just as important to ensure the data you hold is accurate and up to date.

Here are some ways to help you

International address validation & correction

We are able to quickly clean and format files according to international postal standards for many countries world wide. The address processing identifies and correct addresses in over 200 countries quickly and efficiently

We analyze and verify every address, completing any missing information such as city names or postal and postcodes to make sure the addresses are complete and, therefore, deliverable.


  • Shows company professionalism by correct spelling mistakes
  • Improves delivery rates by amending any missing address elements
  • Improves direct marketing response rates by ensuring the direct mailing piece gets to the right place
  • Protects your companies reputation

International De-duplication

This service is also aimed at saving you money on printing and postage. Ensuring your message reaches any potential customer only once. The matching process allows us to sift out hard to find duplicate records and variations.

Making de-duplication part of your direct mail marketing budget will do more than just reduce direct mail costs – it also prevents the awkwardness and embarrassment of sending multiple mailings to the same person for a relatively small cost.

Cleaning your data prior to a direct mailing can pay huge dividends for a relatively small cost.


  • Saves you money on print & postage cots
  • Improves response rates as people only receive one direct mail piece
  • Reduces complaints

International Suppression Screening

This service is also aimed at saving you money on printing and postage by flagging people who have moved, died, gone away or who have requested to receive no mail.

Each country has their own suppression files contact us for a list.

Screening against the European Suppression file can help to manage the costs of screening against individual country files

  • Save money on print & mailing costs
  • Reduces risk of upsetting relatives of the deceased
  • Protects your company reputation from legal action
  • Comply with data legislation in each country
International Telephone Matching

We are able to verify or add new telephone number on to international data for many countries worldwide. The processing can verify an existing telephone number held or can append a new telephone number where available quickly and efficiently


  • Saves money on telemarketing costs contacting only the right people
  • Reduces frustration of wrong numbers
  • Improves telemarketing campaign conversation rates

Knowing the quality of your data can be the key to a successful direct marketing campaign, which is why we provide you with a free data quality audit prior to your telemarketing or direct mail campaign. We advise the improvements and changes we can make along with recommendations allowing you to assess the benefits of cleansing your database. Call 01274 483936 for your free data audit.

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