Are unproductive landlines annoying your staff?

Are unproductive landlines annoying your staff?

“This number does not receive incoming calls” …

“This number is not recognised” …

“Dead landline”…

How frustrating are these types of calls for your staff?

These types of calls cost companies thousands every year …. Not only in wasted time but frustrate staff !

How would you like to identify these records before your telemarketing campaign?

Well we can help!

Data Bubble can provide you with a landline telephone validation service that can accurately identify dead or unproductive landline telephone numbers on your database. The service runs a legal enquiry on a landline telephone number at the network exchange level. This identifies non-productive and valid telephone numbers and at no point is the telephone subscriber contacted.

Landline testing can identify the following

  • Dead numbers including – dead lines / numbers that are out of order /incorrect number /number not recognised
  • Highlight that this number does not receive income calls / Subscriber rejects calls
  • Identify number not accepting incoming calls
  • Identify landlines with a “number changed” announcement
  • Number in service (normal working order)

The service is 100% legal, fully compliant with Ofcom rules & regulations and adheres to all DMA guidelines.

Ideal service for Telemarketing companies, Market Research Agencies, List owners, Companies with Call centres plus more

If you want to save money on your telemarketing then contact Joanne 01274 483936 for more information.

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