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How Much Can Clean Data Add To Your Bottom Line?

How Much Can Clean Data Add To Your Bottom Line?

How does £42,000 sound? Well, that’s what a client of ours reported to us last week, for an investment of just £1,500! We were excited too, let me tell you, since we feel as though our clients’ success is our success!

So What’s The Secret?

Well, in short, there isn’t one! This particular client did nothing out of the ordinary, he simply purchased several datasets from us specific to the industries he was targeting, of companies the size he was aiming for, in areas he was targeting – and marketed to them. However, what he did do was to follow our mantra……he delivered the Right Message to the Right People at the Right Time!!!

I know, I know – we bang on about it – but hey, if ever there was a case to prove a point, surely this is it! It’s not isolated either – we’ve had similar success stories in the past…

Your Success is Our Success

We’re not ones to shout about ourselves, so we’ll let our clients do that for us:

  • Two of our clients have this year reported turning a £500 investment in a data list into well in excess of £10,000 of revenue. That’s around a 2,000% Return On Investment
  • Over 75% of our first time clients in the last year have purchased data from us again
  • Over 70% of our turnover is generated from repeat clients
  • Referrals and recommendations account for well over half of our new clients (the rest are driven primarily from our practising what we preach – we purchase data lists to market to – as well as through our social media channels, i.e. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter)

We believe that these facts speak for themselves and encourage every business out there to make sure they maximise the potential in their own client base.

Clean Data Is Key!

We’re forever preaching about how clean data can make or break a Direct Marketing campaign and it’s true. So much time and money can be wasted by using out of date data that not only is it money down the drain, but it can be so demoralising, not to mention risky!

  • How frustrating would it be to make 10 phone calls, only for 3 to be dead lines
  • How costly could it be to find that 2 of the remaining 7 calls where you got through were Telephone Preference (TPS) registered and they decide to report you to the ICO
  • How disappointing would it be to send 1,000 emails and have 400 bounce back undeliverable
  • How upsetting would it be to call someone whose spouse answers….only to find out they passed away a year ago

These are prime examples of where using inaccurate, out of date data can cause you problems, yet given how inexpensive it is to ensure you start a campaign using clean data (you don’t have to buy in fresh data, you could get your existing database cleaned instead), is it worth the risk?

Expense or Investment

It’s only natural that people see all business expenditure as an expense, after all, that’s how it’s categorised in the accounts. However, there is a distinct difference between an expense and an investment. Let’s face it, heating and lighting is rarely going to drive revenue into the business!

CLEAN DATA, on the other hand, whether that’s a purchased prospect list or a clean database of your own clients, WILL DRIVE REVENUE when used correctly in your direct marketing campaigns.

We’re always happy to impart the benefit of our years of experience to help ensure you give yourself every chance of maximising the return on your campaign, so why not visit the Help & Advice page of our website or give us a call on 01274 483936 and tap into our knowledge bank. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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