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Buying Marketing Lists

buying marketing lists

Buying Marketing Lists

buying mailing listsWhy Buying Marketing Lists from a Data Broker Makes Good Business Sense


You may ask yourself why should you buy a marketing list when you can search for prospects on the internet free of charge? Well, here are 10 reasons for you to consider:

  1. Saves Time. Copying and pasting names from a directory, or going from page to page on a website or LinkedIn is boring and time-consuming. This time could be spent marketing to your prospects.
  2. Saves Money. Yes, there’s an initial outlay, but what is your time worth? You might find 50 – 100 contacts in a whole day via a search engine, or you could have a list of 10,000 contacts within an hour.
  3. Gets You Direct To Your Prospect. Most websites don’t give you a contact name and only contain an [email protected] email, plus LinkedIn contact information is limited. A data broker will give you your prospect’s full contact details, with a personal email address.
  4. Independent advice. A data broker will give you the best advice on the whole market. They monitor the performance of different marketing lists, so are in a good position to advise which lists would work for you.
  5. Standardised. Marketing lists are supplied in a standard format, making them ideal for mailing, email broadcasting and telemarketing, as well as importing into a CRM system.
  6. Selections. Marketing listshave a number of selection options, making it really easy for you to target your ideal prospects.
  7. Maintained. Marketing lists are continually updated by the list owners. Not everyone updates their LinkedIn profiles or Google Business page.
  8. Comprehensive. Most marketing lists come with additional information such as size, website, turnover etc. This information can be helpful in profiling your customers, but can’t always be easily found on the internet.
  9. Legal and Compliant. Information from directories is often under copyright laws, making the use of such information for marketing purposes illegal. Marketing laws are very strict, so just because information is “publicly available” doesn’t make it fair game for marketing. Data from a reputable data broker will have been gathered, processed and supplied in a compliant manner, keeping you safe from breaking the law.
  10. Deduplication. When building your own list, you may accidentally include existing clients or prospects, or duplicate them. Data brokers will exclude your existing prospect and customer lists for you, and dedupe them free of charge, ensuring you don’t receive those you already have on your database.


If you want to make your sales prospecting easier, get in touch with the UKs leading Data Broker and let’s have a discovery call.


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